The best natural attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica has plenty of historical attractions, monuments, plantation houses and museums, and many of the travelers who visit this sunny country end up staying at a resort to enjoy the beaches and the cuisine, but there is another side to Jamaica, one that has nothing to do with humans and civilization. The natural wonders of … Read more

The best horseback tours in Jamaica

There are some travel destinations arounde the world that only lend themselves to exploration by car, bike, or walking on paved roads or orderly streets. However, Jamaica is nothing like that – the vast expanses of beautiful wild forests, valleys, plains and coasts are made for hiking, walking, trekking. But if you don’t like walking … Read more

Blue Mountains Experience

If you love the nature, the fresh air, the panoramic view of beautiful mountains, rivers, water falls, and the smell of freedom given by the Mother Nature and most probably you hate to be for a long time in crowded areas or surrounded by buildings and cars, then the Jamaican’s Blue Mountains Experience is the best deal … Read more

A guide to wildlife in Jamaica

Like other Caribbean islands, Jamaica is a tropical paradise where countless species of plants and animal thrive. For an amateur naturalist, or for someone who likes spending their time watching nature documentaries, Jamaica has infinitely more to offer than beaches, nightlife and city attractions. There are several wildlife refuges in Jamaica where you can see … Read more