The best natural attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica has plenty of historical attractions, monuments, plantation houses and museums, and many of the travelers who visit this sunny country end up staying at a resort to enjoy the beaches and the cuisine, but there is another side to Jamaica, one that has nothing to do with humans and civilization. The natural wonders of Jamaica are as stunning and compelling as any of the other, man-made attractions you could find, and in order to have a well rounded experience of the country you should definitely take the time to visit a few of the best natural attractions in Jamaica. The beauty of nature is closer than you think in Jamaica!

Green Grotto Caves, Discovery Bay

The Green Grotto caves have many names, from Runaway Bay Caves to Rum Caves, and almost every one of them recalls a piece of the caves’ history. These stunning caves were used as shelter by the native Arawak people, as seen from the carvings they left behind, they were used as hiding place by the Spanish when the British attacked, and later they were used by rum smugglers. The labyrinthine cave system is famous for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Somerset Falls, Port Antonio

Blue Mountains, photo by Andy Arthur

Jamaica has no shortage of places where you can chill out and just enjoy the small pleasures of life, but Somerset Falls is among the most relaxing spots in the country, and definitely one of the best natural attractions in Jamaica. The waterfall is created by River Daniel as it passes through a narrow gorge located in the thick of the jungle. You can splash around in the natural pools, enjoy the warm sun rays, and explore the caves.

Blue Mountains

The famous Blue Mountains, which yield some of the best coffee on the planet, are not only a coffee-addict’s dream come true. While the coffee estates in these majestic mountains are definitely worth visiting, the sheer natural beauty of these lands is enough to attract visitors. The mountains get their name from the fog that frequently envelops them and makes them seem blue from a distance. There are countless hiking and walking trails that allow you to explore the mountains.

Black River Mangroves

Black River, photo by alfredmoya

The Black River area is one of the richest ecosystems in Jamaica, with forests of mangrove sheltering an incredible variety of wildlife. There are various tours that will take you through the marshland and mangrove thickets to see crocodiles, mangrove snappers, and many bird species. If you’re interested in swamp life, exploring the Black River marshes will be the perfect expedition for you.

Luminous Lagoon, Falmouth

Many people have probably heard about the fancy dining options and the marina, but the real gem is the lagoon itself, populated by millions of tiny bioluminescent organisms. At night you can take a boat trip in the lagoon, and watch the tiny creatures flicker with blue light when the water is disturbed. Swimming in the shallow water while everything glows around you is simply incredible.

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