Top 7 lighthouses in Jamaica

Did you ever think what a big help could be a lighthouse for a captain in a dark storm? The lighthouse is a structure upstanding to carry lights for guidance or warning of ships and airplanes. The most lighthouses are located in or nearby to navigable waters. It is made that way so at the daytime serves as visual guides and at nighttime provides a light to warn the mariners about the danger and to help them chart a safe course. By day sailors can easily identify the lighthouse because they see the structure of it. Identification at night time is by the flashes of the light. Numerous lighthouses controlled in connection with other navigational aids such as light buoy and flashlight.

Portland Point Lighthouse

The highest tower in the Island is Portland Point Lighthouse, 145 feet height. This is located at latitude on the spire of the Portland Ridge near the southern point of the Island. White light is flashing in every 15 seconds

Portland Point Lighthouse, ©Dougtone/Flickr

Folly Point Lighthouse

This Lighthouse built in 1888. The Tower made by masonry. Folly Point Lighthouse is fireproof. White light is flashing automatic in every 2 seconds at the darkness time-span followed by 8 seconds. The light is visible for far distance of about thirty kilometers.

Galina Lighthouse

Galina Lighthouse built of concrete and it is white. This Lighthouse also flashes white light in every 1.2 seconds. At darkness is followed by 10.8 seconds. The Lighthouse generates the power by solar energy.

Morant Point Lighthouse

The Morant Point Lighthouse is a heritage of Jamaica. It was built in 1841. That means this lighthouse is the oldest one in the island. It made of cast iron tube. It is placed in easterly point of the Island.

Morant Point Lighthouse, ©Edu-Tourist/Flickr

Plumb Point Lighthouse

It is located close to the entrance of the Kingston Harbour. Plumb Point Lightohouse built of cast iron and stone. White light is flashing of ½ seconds time-span at darkness followed by 7½ seconds.

Negril Point Lighthouse

The Negril Point Lighthouse is located at Negril Point at the western end of the Island. This Tower is painted white. White light is flashing automatic in every 2 seconds.

Lovers’ Leap Lighthouse

This Lighthouse built in Jamaica. It is the newest lighthouse built in the country. The specialty of Lovers’ Leap Lighthouse is that powered by three different sources: a set of batteries, generator and electricity.

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