The best eco-travel experiences in Jamaica

Jamaica has attractions galore for travelers in search of thrills, the beat of reggae, beaches and historical attractions, but it also has a lot to offer to people whose chief interest lies in nature. If you are a greenie who does all that’s possible to protect the environment but you still don’t want to give up on traveling to minimize your carbon footprint, then what you can do is eco-travel instead of just travel. Jamaica is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for green travel, and there are tons of activities that allow you to have guilt-free fun. Here are the best eco-travel experiences in Jamaica that will make your holiday better than you might think.

Sun Venture Tours

Sun Venture Tours combines historical sites with eco-tours and sightseeing, and one of their best tours is the one that takes you into the heart of the stunning Blue Mountains, home to interesting flora, fauna and of course, great Jamaican coffee. A tour of the mountains will reveal to you some of the most beautiful natural sites in that part of Jamaica, but you’ll also have the chance to get a bit of healthy exercise (hiking), and watching the sun rise over these impressive mountains covered in fog.

Countrystyle Community Tours

photo by mcclouds on Flickr

Countrystyle is a Jamaican organization that promotes sustainable development and community tourism, while focusing on nature, culture, adventure and travel. These are the best tours for eco-travelers who want to help the local communities and get off the beaten track. You get the chance to visit farming and fishing communities, wildlife sanctuaries, coffee factories or ancient Taino settlements.

Visit caves

If you want more than a quick visit to a show cave, you can visit a few of the many caves in Jamaica through the Jamaican Caves Organization, an NGO that organizes expeditions that explore the extensive caves systems of Jamaica. You can see caves that have never been shows to the public before, and help the expedition members with surveys of site clean-ups. You can either return to your hotel at night or camp out with the rest of the expedition.

Stay at an eco-guesthouse

photo by Callie Reed

Eco-accommodation is not necessarily expensive, and there are quite a few eco-friendly accommodation options in Jamaica that are perfect even for budget travelers. Positive Vibrations Guesthouse in Negril is one such place, but there are more unconventional choices as well. Stay at an artist camp at Reach Falls River Camp, or at the Jamaican Rasta Guesthouse where you can learn about the basics of the religion or join ital cooking classes.

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