Family-friendly travel attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica has long been known as a travel destination for either luxury traveler who tend to stick to high-end resorts, or adventurous independent travelers with partying and indulgence on their minds. If you love Bob Marley, beaches, parties and rum, you definitely won’t get bored in Jamaica, but what if you are traveling with your family and you need to find some suitable attractions for your children? Since the most of the above-mentioned attractions are not exactly what you’d want your kids to see and do in Jamaica, family friendly attractions in Jamaica might be hard to find at the first glance, but they are not quiet as elusive as they might seem. Here are some family-friendly attractions in Jamaica, for those who travel with kids in tow.

 Scuba Diving Courses in Negril

Jamaica has some amazing scuba diving spots, but if you’re kids haven’t done any diving before, then this is the perfect opportunity to learn. So weather you want to take some diving classes with your kids, or just stand by and watch, an international diving certification doesn’t sound like a bad deal out of a vacation. Beginners and intermediates alike can get certified to dive with an instructor anywhere in the world. Equipment is provided by the trainers, so you won’t have to spend extra on buying fins and masks!

Entrance to Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef, Ocho Rios

Dolphin Cove, photo by Liline on Flickr

If your kids like marine life, then they will probably enjoy a day of frolicking with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. There are several interesting programs available, but the Entrance to Dolphin Cove at Treasure Reef has it all: glass-bottomed boat trip, interactive sessions with stingrays, shark shows, pirate shows and jungle walks.

Devon House, Kingston

The colonial charm of Devon house, an old mansion in Kingston, can’t fail to charm adults and kids alike. If the antique furniture and art is not every kid’s cup of tea, they will surely like the gardens and the ice cream – especially the house’s special flavors! There’s also a pastry shop, a restaurant and various craft workshops.

ATV Safari, Ocho Rios

Devon House, photo by Christina Xu

Most kids would do anything for an ATV ride, even promise to behave for the rest of the holiday! But these ATV Safari tours in Ocho Rios’s countryside is equally exciting for adults as well. The safari includes a tour of Richmond Property and an intro into the history of sugar farming, a tour through the jungle and a stop at the scenic village of Chester.

Treasure Beach

Give your kids a pirate-themed adventure by taking them to Treasure Beach, a place that definitely lives up to its name. There are many stories surrounding the beach (just ask the locals), but in any case, the many coves, bays and black or coral-colored sand make this beach the perfect setting for some pirate battle reenactments with your family!

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