Blue Mountains Experience

If you love the nature, the fresh air, the panoramic view of beautiful mountains, rivers, water falls, and the smell of freedom given by the Mother Nature and most probably you hate to be for a long time in crowded areas or surrounded by buildings and cars, then the Jamaican’s Blue Mountains Experience is the best deal for an adventure holiday in our Paradise: Jamaica.

Generalities about Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are the most spectaculars mountains being  Jamaica’s longest mountains. And guess what? Of course, the great mountains are very proud to announce that they also won the first price at the island’s highest point category with the Blue Mountain Peak reaching 7,402 ft (2,256 m).

From both coasts of the island, North and South, the mountains are waiting to be explored on walking tracks by nature lovers. Reaching the top you will be able to see Cuba (210 km far from Jamaica) if you make a pact with the weather to behave well and keep the horizon clear.

Also the second biggest butterfly in the world will open their wings and welcome you to fell at home here. You will also see 200+species of impressive and colorful birds, the Jamaican Coney and boa, splendid trees and flowers.

Blue Mountains on a Bike

Maybe you do not have enough time to visit the Blue Mountains on a walk, but you are eager to try out the remarkable Jamaican Blue Mountains with all the great things that they can offer without asking anything in exchange.

A good solution to solve this issue is a bicycle tour. These tours are offering you also a glance at island’s culture and traditions, at Jamaican people and their country side. The tour guide will make stops to different interesting objectives and also will make you aware of all the beauties in the area.

The price for these tours are almost USD 100 for adults, while the children aged 7 till 11 get a discount of 30%. The tour duration is approximate 10 hours and the organizers will pick up from your hotel around 7 am and you will be back around 7 pm. On Sundays the bike tours are not available.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Another interesting thing at Blue Mountains is that they are offering one of the best coffees in the world. This coffee has a very good reputation abroad which makes it one of the most expensive product, but also popular and desired by coffee consumers. Approximate 80% of the production is exported to Japan.

The Blue Mountains Coffee should be a point in your Jamaica bucket list. If you want to better understand Jamaicans’ culture and traditions, their spirit and their lives then the Blue Mountains Experience is a must on your travelling plan. Enjoy every second of it!

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