Shopping destinations in Jamaica

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Jamaica has all the ingredients for a perfect vacation: sun, palm trees, beaches and resorts for those who want to laze around, and great cultture, exciting natural sights and interesting geography for those interested in more active pursuits. And although Jamaica is officially a tropical paradise, few would say that it is a shopping paradise as well. Jamaica has no Paris or London, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t give you a fun-filled shopping expedition or two. There are several places in Jamaica where you can buy souvenirs, local crafts, art, or some additions to your wardrobe or library. So if your fingers itch to spend some money while you’re on holiday, check out some of the best shopping destinations in Jamaica.

Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios

If you want to go home from Jamaica loaded with beautiful art pieces created by local artists, then you must visit Harmony Hall, an art gallery where some of the best artists in Ocho Rios and all over Jamaica come to display their work. Although there is always some great stuff on display, the art gallery really shines during its Christmas, Easter and mid-November fairs.

Jamaican Agricultural Society Shop, Port Antonio

photo by Christina Xu on Flickr

If you want to support Jamaican economy in some way, or if you simply want to bring home to Jamaican goods but you’d rather not get them from supermarkets or shopping centers, visit the shop of the Jamaican Agricultural Society, which has been championing the rights of small Jamaican farms for over a century. Buy Blue Mountain coffee, honey and other local products at very reasonable prices.

Coronation Market, Kingston

This busy market in the Jamaican capital is not only a great place to shop, but also to witness day to day Jamaican life at its most brilliant. You can buy vegetables and fruit from all over Jamaica, but the tasty produce is just a small part of the wares on display. You can find anything from handcrafted tools to electronics, decorations and bric-a-brac.

Ocho Rios Craft Park

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Stalls and stalls of interesting local crafts and small objects can be found at the Ocho Rios Craft Park, if you want to buy some interesting and unique souvenirs to bring home to friends and family. Since most of the objects being sold are made by local craftsmen, you can think of your shopping spree as supporting the local economy.

Treasure Beach Women’s Group

The Treasure Beach Women’s Group is a great local initiative that promotes women’s advancement, health and community development. The group has several interesting projects, and they sell all sorts of beautifully crafted objects at the The Treasure Hunt Craft Shop. You get to support local artisans and bring home some great gifts!

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