Top 7 lighthouses in Jamaica

Did you ever think what a big help could be a lighthouse for a captain in a dark storm? The lighthouse is a structure upstanding to carry lights for guidance or warning of ships and airplanes. The most lighthouses are located in or nearby to navigable waters. It is made that way so at the daytime serves … Read more

Tourist attractions in Negril

Negril is a middle ground between the touristy bustle of Montego Bay and the laid back charm of Ocho Rios, and in many ways it was the best of both world. Negril is a place where you can kick back when you feel like it (the 7 miles of pristine beaches and the 7 miles … Read more

Jamaica’s Film Industry, Movies Shot in Jamaica

American movie-makers always had a strong relation to Jamaica. Its beauty and landscapes attracted many movie-makers to shoot their film in Jamaica, the countries film industry is still growing. It is hard to ever forget Jamaica’s beauty if you once saw it, said even Columbus who called the country the “fairest” island he had ever seen. Jamaica’s beautiful landscapes, … Read more