Jamaica’s Film Industry, Movies Shot in Jamaica

American movie-makers always had a strong relation to Jamaica. Its beauty and landscapes attracted many movie-makers to shoot their film in Jamaica, the countries film industry is still growing. It is hard to ever forget Jamaica’s beauty if you once saw it, said even Columbus who called the country the “fairest” island he had ever seen.

Jamaica’s beautiful landscapes, its stunning beauty and nice beaches are very often used as filming locations for many not just American but other movies. Filmmakers have a variety of magnificent places to take their shots whether they prefer to shoot scenes in a jungle, by the sea or on a high top mountain. Tropical destinations are often used in movies shot in Jamaica.

Some Movies Shot in Jamaica

Jamaica’s film industry started more than 50 years ago when the country became a preferred shooting location for many Hollywood movie makers.

Beautiful Jamaica, ©04deveni/Flickr

The movie with the title 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) is a film adaptation of the book with the same title, shot in Jamaica. Another well known film, The Blue Lagoon (1980) was also shot on a beautiful island of Jamaica, such as Cocktail (1988), Lord of the Flies (1990) or Wide Sargasso Sea (1993).

Life of Jamaica Shown through the Movies

Jamaica is especially the place of movies which are book adaptations. Many filmmakers used this beautiful island to recreate written stories.  The adaptation of Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea is probably the most notable movie that have been made in Jamaica. The story of the movie is about Jamaica, dealing with the life of the island throughout the years. There are many more movies in Jamaica’s film industry based  on the life of the island.

Supposedly this place was called James Bond Falls because parts of the movie Dr. No were filmed here, ©sun dazed/Flickr

An Expensive Business

Filming always was and will be an expensive business a reason why Jamaica’s film industry has been slow to develop. Some explained this slow procedure saying that would-be movie makers need to learn much more about the industry. Filmmakers have been welcomed in Jamaica and in coming years the island may start its own cinematic works.

Film Production, ©vancouverfilmschool/Flickr

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