Discover the Coyaba Gardens and Mahoe Falls

Ocho Rios is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jamaica, one of those varied and multifaceted places that any kind of traveler can enjoy, from solo travelers to couples and families. Although there are many attractions in Ocho Rios that are perfect for everyone, one of the most notable sights in the area are the Coyaba Gardens and Mahoe Falls. The gardens and falls complex is the perfect place to escape from the crowds and to enjoy the beauty of nature. Walk around the exquisite gardens, walk up to the Mahoe Falls, learn about Jamaican culture and history at the Museum of Island History and take in the breath-taking views of Ocho Rios Bay. If you need to relax and wind down, discover the Coyaba Gardens and Mahoe Falls.

Coyaba Gardens

photo by pixculture on Flickr

Coyaba Gardens, the beautifully landscape park near Ocho Rios, is located on a former estate, Shaw Park Plantation, dating back to the earliest days of the British colonial period. The name of the park comes from Arawak language, and it means paradise – and a more fitting name for the park couldn’t be found. The park is a wonderful alternative to the noisy and modern theme parks in the area. The park carefully combines untouched natural beauty with subtle artificial arrangements that enhance the calm atmosphere of the park. There are winding wooden  walkways leading from the estate house to the tropical forest and the edges of Milford River that passes by the edge of the complex. One of the highlights of the garden is Yssasi’s Lookout Point, named after the last Spanish governor of Jamaica, from where you can see spectacular views of the bay.

Mahoe Falls

Mahoe Falls are located on Milford River, which passes through the park, and although it can be visited as a separate attractions, most people see it as a natural extension of the gardens. The many tiered waterfall is a beautiful play of rocks, vegetation and water that can be viewed from several vantage points, You can swim and splash around at the base of the waterfall, or in the pools at the upper tiers.

Island History Museum

photo by Jason Riedy on Flickr

The museum in Coyaba Gardens is not overly large, but it is very interesting and it provides an excellent introduction to the history of Jamaican’s native inhabitants. When you discover the Coyaba Gardens and Mahoe Falls, take half an hour to visit the fascinating exhibits on the pre-Columbian history of Jamaica, and the nearly forgotten culture of the Taino and Arawak natives. Shop for some souvenirs at the nearby shop, and if your visit has made you tired, sit down at the cafe and sip a cup of Blue Mountain coffee.

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