Top Hotels for Dining in Jamaica

Jamaica has a number of hotels known for providing outstanding dining. Enjoying the local fare is crucial to having an authentic travel experience. Jamaica offers so much diversity that it’ll be hard to choose between all their dining destinations. Whether you prefer familiar and classic dishes or modern interpretations, their restaurants are irresistible. The hotels named below are great options when dining is considered a priority. Some of these top picks have multiple outstanding restaurants, while some are located in areas where restaurants near the property are popular and abundant.

Dine in Your Hotel

You may find yourself eating several meals at the restaurants inside your hotel. And why not? There are dozens of hotel restaurants around. So one of the important factors to consider when choosing a hotel in Jamaica is the dining options offered at each property. Having meals at your hotel can save you time and sometimes money.

Bayside Dining Terrace at night, ©Loren Sztajer/Flickr

The tempting, innovative menus are a bonus, which attracts not just hotel guests but tourists from all over. Our highest rated property, coming out on top for its excellent on-site dining amenities, is the Blue Harbour Hotel, so foodies residing at or near the hotel should plan to take full advantage of the meals served there. Blue Harbour Hotel conveniently features an on-site restaurant, and breakfast til 2 p.m., but guests are also encouraged to try the local fare.

Best Hotels for Nearby Dining

You might also want to consider the proximity of your hotel to nearby restaurants. Even if you love the food at your hotel, you may also want to try some of Jamaica’s local dining spots, particularly if you’re vacationing for more than a few days.

Stir Fry from Lido Buffet, ©Calgary Reviews/Flickr

Ranked at the top, as far as hotels with great nearby dining, is Wexford Hotel. You can stroll to a different establishment every evening, as you’ll be within walking distance of restaurants like Groovy Grouper Beach Bar & Grill, which serves Jamaican food.

Private dining at Jamaica, ©hermmermferm/Flickr

No matter where you stay, remember that some of Jamaica’s most popular restaurants are located inside hotels, so the culinary highlight of your vacation may occur at a completely different property. By clicking the name of any hotel, you’ll see further details, photos, and facts about it, as well as the type of food found in the neighborhood.

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