Best Types of Accommodation in Jamaica

If you are planning to go on a holiday you have to be aware of every little detail. After deciding where to go and how to get there, the most important thing is your accommodation. Traveling to Jamaica tourist will find a large variety of any type of accommodation. Whether going alone, with your partner or the whole family you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect place to stay.

People who would like to spend their holiday in perfect comfort and serenity have the chance to choose from the wide range of high rated, comfortable hotels. Nature lovers will also find the best type of accommodation they are looking for, Jamaica being a perfect location for a camping either. To make your decision easier we would like to provide you some accommodation types.

Feel Comfortable with All Inclusives

Most travelers prefer a full package accommodation when going on a holiday. For these people the best accommodation type is an all-inclusive hotel. Jamaica’s all-inclusive resorts run by large companies offer everything in excess, from food and drink to social activities. A few all-inclusive hotels in Jamaica are Beaches Sandy Bay Ultra and Point Village Resort. Outside all-inclusives, most hotels offer four standard meal packages: the European Plan (EP); the American Plan (AP); the Modified American Plan (MAP); and the Continental (CP) or Breakfast Plan (BP). The CP includes a light breakfast with your room charge.

All inclusive hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica, ©i am a real estate photographer/Flickr

The MAP covers breakfast and dinner while the AP covers three meals daily. The EP includes your room only. Due to the popularity of all-inclusives in Jamaica, you generally will not find hotels with an AP that are not also considered to be all-inclusive hotels.

Be Independent

If you don’t like to be always served by a hotel staff, you may prefer to choose a more independent type of accommodation such as a guest house. Family run small hotels and private villas provide a different experience and they are the best accommodation for those after a more cultural experience. Travelers can feel more independent, going in and out without making their way through a maze of buildings or pools in a hotel. Two such choices in Jamaica are Hill Seaview and Skycastles.

Rockhouse Hotel – Private Villas, ©jonlclark/Flickr

Try Out Eco-Tourism

For travelers with more experience in camping we suggest to set up their tent and enjoy Jamaica’s natural beauty. Vacationers who want to truly strike out on their own and set up camp in the middle of Jamaica’s natural splendor have plenty of opportunities to do so.  There are camp sites in the Blue Mountains, Hollywell National Recreational Park, and even a few botanical gardens and other locations. These camp sites are the best accommodation for tourists who want to spend an eco-saving holiday in Jamaica.

In the tent, ©jaygooby/Flickr

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