The historic heritage sites of Falmouth

The capital of Jamaica’s Trelawny parish is not the kind of place with a history that goes back only decades ago. Falmouth, small as it might be, is one of the most historical towns in Jamaica. Founded in 1769 and named after the hometown of the governor of Jamaica who helped establish it, Sit William Trelawny, Falmouth hasn’t had a quiet time throughout the centuries. The flawlessly laid out streets and quaint Georgian houses of town have plenty of stories to tell about its past, and the easiest way to hear them is to visit the historic heritage sites of Falmouth. Jamaica is all about the fun, rum, reggae and beaches, but also about culture and history, so if you want to look beyond the surface these are exactly the kind of tourist attractions that you should visit.

Falmouth Court House

Falmouth’s court house is one the Georgian jewels of the town, and it dates back to 1817. Sadly the original buildings was razed to the ground by a fire in 1926, but a perfect replica was built soon after and the building you see today has even acquired a historic flavor of its own, regardless of what it used to be in the past. The building’s Georgian style is obvious thanks to the many jalousies, the Tuscan columns, shingled walls and fanlight. Today the structure functions as a court house, town hall and parish council building.

Phoenix Foundry

photo by nathanmac87 on Flickr

If you’ve never seen a foundry built in the industrial age, you might not recognize the huge looming dome-shaped structure that greets you when you enter Falmouth from the east. The Phoenix Foundry, built in 1810,  is one of the most interesting historic heritage sites of Falmouth, and one of the last remaining industrial age foundries in Jamaica. The role of the foundry was to repair machinery from sugar plantations, and the ships that docked at Falmouth on their journeys from Europe or Africa.

Albert George Market

Although this market dates back to late Victorian times, its historical flavor is hard to resists. Built in 1985, the market was named after the two sons of Queen Victoria, Albert and George. In the past, the market was the heart and soul of Falmouth, and a hub of activity every single day. Although the market has quieted down somewhat since then, it is still a lively place bustling with activity. If you are interested in buying local produce or crafts created by local artisans, this is a great place to load up on souvenirs.

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