The best eats in Kingston

For a relatively small island like Jamaica, Kingston is a pretty big city, with lots of things to do. As the cultural and commercial capital of the country, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit it, from museums and monuments to nightlife. And while you are sightseeing in Kingston, one thing that you can be sure about is that you’ll get hungry. Like all big cities, Kingston has a huge selection of eateries of every imaginable king, but then again, like in all big cities in the world, picking a restaurant without knowing anything about it can be a hit and miss. So if you happen to get hungry while sightseeing your way around the Jamaican capital, here are some of the best eats in Kingston.

Island Grill

Even if you’ve decided not to touch fast food when in Jamaica, seeing as there are so many delicious local specialties to choose from, you can try the Jamaican version of fast-food at the Island Grill. Instead of boring old burgers, at the Island Grill you get to indulge in jerked chicken, beef or pork, which are local delicacies that no meat eater should miss out on.

Grog Shoppe

Ackee and fish, photo by dubdem sound system on Flickr

If you are visiting Devon House but you’d rather not spend your entire daily budget on Norma’s On The Terrace, you can head to the nearby Grog Shoppe, an excellent little open air restaurant with decent prices and delicious food. You can get pub food like roast beef and veggies, or maybe jerked foods, but you should definitely try the seafood: escovitch fish and white white steamed fish. There are lots of Jamaican specialties on the menu as well: curried goat, saltfish and ackee, baked crab.

Hot Pot

Hot Pot is a very casual and very typically Jamaican restaurant, where you can get an excellent and mouth-watering introduction to Jamaican cuisine. From various types of ackee and fish to jerked meats and other Jamaican fare, you can get your fill of Jamaican dishes and then some. The restaurant is also popular for its various fruit juices like coconut water, tamarind water and sorrel water.

Norma’s on the Terrace

photo by Hajime Nakano

If you’ve got the budget for it, having a meal at the legendary Norma’s on the Terrace is a must. The restaurant is located in the back of Devon House, one of the most famous attractions in the city, and the menu is laden with delicious fusions of Western and Jamaican cuisine. Dishes like the chowder with crabmeat, shrimp, conch, and lobster, or grilled smoked pork loin in a teriyaki-and-ginger sauce make Norma’s one of the best eats in Kingston.

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