Top attractions in Port Antonio

If you have the chance to visit Port Antonio then make sure you divide your time in such way so that you can enjoy a little bit of everything.  A little bit of sun and beach, some exploring in the exotic forest, practicing water sports or admiring the beauty of the city. Top attractions in Port Antonio brings you some of the most appreciated architectural monuments and spots in this exotic heaven.

Trident Castle

If you thought castles can only be found in the European and Asian continent then, think again. Trident Castle is actually the only castle in the Caribbean, being built in 1980 by Earl Levy as his private residence. You can easily find Trident Castle in the east of Port Antonio, on Peg Point. The castle has two living rooms, terraces, courtyards, a music room, a pool, a Chapel. During Gilbert hurricane the stone castle managed to survive without important damages. Of course such a Baroque beauty attracted many important and famous guests from all kinds of fields. Peter O’Toole, Mimi Rogers, Hapsburg family, Robin Williams are only a few of the special guests of the Trident Castle.

Anglican Church

This red and white brick church was built in 1895 under the order of the Colonial Secretary and serves the parish of Portland.  This stunning building attracts the eyes of tourists and impresses them with its architectural beauty and especially with the ornate iron baluster that surrounds it.  More than everything else, the Anglican Church represents a true lesson of history for the tourists as you can find inside the church a plaque dating from the period of the First World War, belonging to Governor from the Secretary of State for the Colonies.

Folly Great House

We definitely have to mention Folly Great House among “Top attractions in Port Antonio”. You can visit Folly Great House on your way to Trident Castle. What is so special about this place? Well, there are many stories about this place, some exploring the imagination to the fullest. Folly Great House is actually a 60 room mansion that was built in 1905 by Alfred Mitchell for his family. As the time passed, the walls started to crumble (the mixture of cement with sea water being the main cause) and the house transformed into a ruin. This could be a romantic place for having a picnic in a less usual place, one that is absolutely spectacular.

One of the most beautiful spots of Jamaica, Port Antonio is without any doubt an unforgettable experience for everyone who comes here. My personal advice to you is to try to know as much of the Jamaican culture, of the people and also of the history.

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