Top Attractions and Activities in Jamaica

Fretwork Westgate Shopping Centre at Montego Bay, ©will-robson/Flickr

Fretwork Westgate Shopping Centre at Montego Bay, ©will-robson/Flickr

Travelers visiting Jamaica cannot say at all they spent their holiday bored in a hotel room. This place is full of life and lot of activities you can enjoy while staying in this beautiful country. It doesn’t matter what kind of activities you like or what gender you are you will definitely find your favourite one. Jamaican travelers have plenty of options for active (and not so active) adventures.

Whether you’re interested in a leisurely day on a chartered yacht or roughing it for an afternoon hike through Jamaica’s beautiful mountains, there are activities to capture almost anyone’s interests. Scrolling down you will read just about a few of the top attractions of Jamaica.

Best place for sport lovers

Tourists who are seeking for sports everywhere will feel absolutely joyful in Jamaica. Anglers can scuffle all day long with famous sea fish and snorkelers can admire fishes in their own habitat. Mahi mahi and wahoo are especially popular methods in Jamaica for deep sea fishing. Snorkeling is another one from Jamaica’s top activities.

Snorkeling at Montego Bay, Jamaica,  ©amslerPIX/Flickr

Snorkeling at Montego Bay, Jamaica, ©amslerPIX/Flickr

Montego Bay offers the best snorkeling options, while divers can find diverse and exciting sites regardless of which city you take off from. Whether or not you fish or snorkel, you can always sail out on Jamaica’s waters with a hired charter or on a cruise tour. Golf lovers should not miss Jamaica’s top attraction, the world-class golf courses. Jamaica is one of those places where the scenery is beyond compare and the golf courses are, well, they are spectacular too. Jamaica is home to some of the top golf courses and resorts in the Caribbean.

Save money shopping in Jamaica!

The most attractive activity for female visitors in Jamaica is definitely shopping. Native goods, from craft work to local Blue Mountain coffee, are popular souvenirs and gifts, and most travelers budget a bit of time for shopping. On top of duty free shopping at a lot of shops, travelers can save between 20 and 30 percent off the price tag of designer goods and brand name products by buying them in Jamaica.

Fretwork Westgate Shopping Centre at Montego Bay, ©will-robson/Flickr

Fretwork Westgate Shopping Centre at Montego Bay, ©will-robson/Flickr

Dancing in the streets

Dance has always been important to Jamaica – from colonial times until the present. Those who want to take a bit of culture or try out some nightlife activities may enjoy the various events and festivals being held in Jamaica. Festivals aren’t the only times parties heat up in Jamaica, however. Nightlife is as spicy as the ubiquitous jerk seasoning. The most happening nightlife is centered in the tourist driven areas such as Kingston and Negril, and visitors can find everything from dive bars to dance clubs that keep the party going until sun up.

Dancing in the street, Jamaica, ©Chrysaora/Flickr

Dancing in the street, Jamaica, ©Chrysaora/Flickr

Vacationers to Jamaica are encouraged to take advantage of the varied activities found all over the island.  No matter what kind of vacation you’re looking to have, there are activities to suit your lifestyle. From the most active vacationers to those who want to spend their vacation time relaxing, Jamaica knows how to entertain its visitors.

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