Top 5 Jamaican Destinations


Top 5 Jamaican Destinations is a really subjective post as the classification might vary from person to person, family to family or young couples to young couples. Here, you will find the most wonderful but also unusual places which will give you an insight on what Jamaica truly means and stands for.

Bamboo Avenue

You are a nature lover, a person who can feel free only in the middle of nature. If so, you should take a ride on the South Jamaican Coast and visit the Bamboo Avenue, a street in Holland area of St. Elizabeth Parish. It is 2.5 miles long decorated with bamboo plants on both sides of the road forming a breathtaking tunnel. The birth of this avenue will be taking you back to the 17th century. The bamboo plants were planted by the owners of the Holland Estate with a very precise scope: to offer a shadowy place where the travelers could take a rest and also to protect the road from being destroyed by rains. Guess what? These bamboo plants which cover a busy avenue are unique in the world.

Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park

You are still tracking the nature’s steps and arriving in the Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park. Here you can enjoy the mountains panorama, waterfalls, the Giant Swallowtail Butterfly, or other exotic plants and animals. The park is divided in three mains sections: Portland Gap with the Stony Hill and St Andre’s Hill, Hollywell and Annotto Bay, and Millbank with the John Crow Mountains.

Hope Gardens

In the West Indies you will find the largest botanical garden in Jamaica, Kingston. Hope Gardens is very suggestive as this park has been designed as a hope that the future generation will know today’s species. It was open for the public for the first time back in 1881 and today is home of thousands of species and a small zoo. The access in the park is free being open from 8:30 till 6:30 daily. Only for the zoo there is a small fee.


Morant Point Lighthouse

The Morant Point Lighthouse in Holland Bay is the most eastern Jamaican point, but also the oldest cast iron lighthouse manufactured in the Western Hemisphere. Alexander Gordon designed this 100ft iron tube in London in 1841, brought it to Jamaica and put straight net to George Grove and African men named Kru. Reaching the lighthouse is a truly adventure mainly due to the fact that the road erosion is very high.

May Pen

May Pen is a slightly different attraction in comparison with the ones presented above. The capital of the Clarendon Parish is a market town, with crowded streets on Fridays and Saturdays. During these days yours eyes will catch chaotic scenes, from sellers trying to promote their products to disordered traffic and many people just moving around, back and forth. It is here where you can buy whatever crosses your mind. However, do not miss the stone May Pen Clock Tower build after the 2nd World War outside the city.

Here stops Top 5 Jamaican Destinations. Just book your ticket and start the adventure.


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