Top 5 attractions in Mandeville

Mandeville is the fifth largest city in Jamaica, and yet it has a peaceful and relaxed small town feel that instantly makes you forget all your worries. It is nestled in the high Don Figuerero Mountains, enjoying a cooler weather than the cities on the coast, and thus it was a favorite destinations of English aristocrats in the 19th century. Mandeville is considered to be a very ‘English’ town, and indeed its architecture is reminiscent of towns on the British Isles, but still it retains a very cosmopolitan feel. Mandeville is the perfect Jamaican destination for those who want a quieter holiday, far from the bustle of Kingston or Montego Bay. If you are curious what will await you in this charming city, here’s a list of the top 5 attractions in Mandeville.

Bloomfield Great House

This stately home built in the Caribbean style used to be the center of a coffee plantation, and later a citrus farm. The building still shows signs of its past wealth, and thanks to careful and extensive renovations, it is more beautiful than ever. Bloomfield would be quite spectacular even as a simple building to be admired, but it is also home to an interesting art gallery and one of the best restaurants in Mandeville. It’s the perfect place for an afternoon of art appreciation followed by a lavish dinner.

Mrs Stephenson’s Garden

Mrs Stephenson’s Garden is a jumble of vibrant colors and enticing smells – one of those kind of gardens that you can never forget. In rain or shine, this beautiful garden is a peaceful retreat where you can surround yourself with manicured natural beauty. If you are an amateur gardener, you will surely learn a trick or two, and if you are a simple visitor you will be charmed beyond reason.

Marshall’s Pen Great House

Among the many palatial homes in Mandeville, Marshall’s Pen Great House distinguishes itself through sheer elegance and opulence. Although the couple who own the house, the Suttons (who can trace back their lineage to the first English people who moved to Mandeville) still live among the treasures. Visitors can see the house, it’s beautiful furnishings, extensive library and various art pieces.

Martin’s Hill Orchid Sanctuary

All year round, Martin’s Hill Orchid Sanctuary Blooms in the most resplendent colors your could imagine. Over twenty species of invaluable and very rare orchids can be admired in the garden, as well as others that are more common but just as beautiful to look at. The winding trails through the orchid sanctuary will offer you a respite from the noise of civilization.

Jamaican Standard Products Company

If you love Jamaican coffee, then you can indulge in your your of this dark and delicious beverage at the Jamaican Standard Products Company, a coffee factory close to Mandeville. On Monday and Friday you can take part in free tours of the factory, and learn more about the production of the world famous Blue Mountain coffee.

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