Tips for Shopping In Jamaica

I am pretty sure that you are wondering what kind of shopping tips you can find out by reading this post: Tips for Shopping in Jamaica. Well, you should be aware mostly of the fact that Jamaica is a unique country and whatever you might know about shopping, here this experience will get another shape, another color, another feeling. Basically, it will be totally different, opposite of your previous trials.


Keep this in mind: here in Jamaica you have to bargain for all your purchases if you are doing your shopping in the traditional market. Maybe you are asking yourself why to bargain when you can pay the price and this price seems fair to you?  The bargaining is a national tradition or sport as you prefer.

So, what exactly you have to keep in mind? Firstly, never approach a vendor if you do not intend to buy something from him. Most of these vendors are supporting their family only through these sales, so you should expect to be stuck till you will purchase a good.

Secondly, ask the price and after that walk away with a disapproval face. In most of the cases the vendor will lower the price as a gift from his side for you as a visitor of his magnificent country.  Your proposal will be the next and eventual the price will meet somewhere in the middle and everybody will be happy with this negotiation: you will get your good at a fair price and the seller got some money for his family. Quite fair, I would say!


Most probably you will be approached by drug dealers and they will offer you something special.  The most appropriate conduct in this situation is that you do not want to pay a visit to the local jail so just a “No, thanks” answer will suffice in this situation. You will see that the use o marijuana is wide spread across the whole island, but this not means that it is also legal. No way, Jose!

You are in a market or on the streets and you find something pretty for your kid or your parents or your friends. Not every item which is sold can be bought. Or at least cannot be taken outside the island without a visit to the jail. Coral, products made from a turtle, Cuban cigars are just few of the restricted Jamaican items.

Still I got some nice Tips for Shopping in Jamaica. There is a long list with Jamaican native goods to be purchased, such as paintings with our daily life, woven crafts, baskets, hats available in a variety of colors, but mostly in yellow, green, and red, which is just Jamaica.

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