Theme Vacation: Surfing

Those who enjoy practicing water sports will be thrilled to find out that Jamaica is the perfect country to experiment Kayak/Kano, scuba diving, water skiing and, of course, surfing. The tropical climate of the country and the warm temperatures encourage many tourists to practice surf while being on vacation. If you are curious to find out which are the most popular spots for surfing, then you might be interested in the next post: “Theme vacation: Surfing”.

The perfect seasons to surf

If you are passionate about surfing then you should definitely pay attention to the periods when this sport can be enjoyed to the fullest. In Jamaica, surfing can be practiced approximately eight months per year. Most of the tourists surf during the summer and the winter season (especially between December-March and July-September) while the worst season for surfing is during the fall (this is actually the most depressing period for all the water sports fans). During the summer time the surfing season is at its highest pick due to the large number of tourists visiting Jamaica.

The best places to surf in Jamaica

There are a few places where one can really feel free to surf at his own will. In the east of Jamaica, close to the Kingstone airport you will discover a great environment (reefs and rocks) for practicing surfing at an advanced level. Other popular spots for surfing that should be checked out are Treasure Beach in St Elisabeth, Boston Beach (the most popular and beautiful in the area), Portland or Long Bay. If you do not want to carry your surfing equipments with you then you can rent all you may need from Jamnesia Surf Club. The club is located at Eight Miles Bull Bay and provides tents, renting surfboards (from 20 dollars per day), professional surfboard repair (from 10 dollars) and surfing classes to adults and children. Discovering the greatest spots to surf is easier with the help of a guide, therefore for a small price you can get on the surf shuttle. Looking for a surfing adventure by night? Then, overnight Surfaris is also possible with the help of Jamnesia Surf Club.

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