Theme Vacation – Golf

If you are a golf player and lover, Jamaica is the best place for your holiday. This means that the Theme Vacation – Golf will offer you the best moments of your live.  All over the island we have golf resorts where you can play in the professional league or you can take some classes to learn or to bring to perfection your golf knowledge.

Jamaican golf history can be heard during the game and interesting people can be met.

Smart Tips

If planning to come for a golf vacation here in Jamaica, then you should follow some tips. Just remember that we are having a different culture and traditions.

Firstly, try to find out the perfect golf course for yourself. We have around 12 courses and each one of them has something special from the design to personality, from champion with a traditional Jamaican feel to all inclusive resorts. Whatever crosses your mind, I am sure that you can get on our beautiful island.

Secondly, do not leave the golf course without asking for a caddy. Caddy is part of the Jamaican golf traditions and most of the clubs will offer you this opportunity. You can ask for it if not offered.

Thirdly, golf is not a budget sport. In Jamaica the fees are ranging from USD 30 to USD 200, depending on the course and to this price can be added some additional taxes.

Golf Resorts

Half Moon, a rock resort in Montego Bay offers to its visitors, two beaches with alleys surrounded by palm trees, many water pools, spa facilities, a special golf championship, entertainment possibilities, and tennis lessons. This resort was visited by celebrities, such as Joan Crawford, Alfred Steel (CEO of Pepsi-Cola), Clark Gable, HRH Princes Margaret, HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and HRH the Prince of Wales; John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy, Prince Rainer of Monaco; and George H. W. Bush.

Cinnamon Hill Golf Course, designed in 1969 is another nice place for playing golf and spending your time in a relaxation mode. The Course was designated by Golfer Magazine as one of the best in the world.

Many other resorts are available. You just have to look for the perfect one for you.

If you have decided for the Theme Vacation – Golf, well make sure you will plan in advance and you will be doing your homework. You will have to find out when the golf tournaments are scheduled. It would be a pity not to attend one. And if you want to participate, I wish you good luck.

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