Theme Vacation – Admire The Birds

By now, you should know that Jamaicacan offer many interesting things to its visitors. Except all the nice adventures  through the mountains, the sea or the rivers, you can try out something more special, different. A Theme Vacation – Admire The Birds can represent a new way of spending your holiday in a relaxing and serenity mood.

Jamaica has a large variety of birds’ species, around 200. You should also know that many migrant species from North Americaare “tourists” inJamaica, couple of months a year. This means that the Birdwatcher can see and explore lovely things over here. The birds loveJamaicamainly due to its diversity in habitats. Here, the birds can choose between the waterfalls, lazy rivers, green valleys, forests, sea, and many others.

Bird Species

The Yellow-Billed Amazon, one of the Jamaican psittacines can be better admired in district Trelawny and to be more specific on the road which linksClark’s Town to Albert Town. Here you will see a large plateau of limestone. This region has been kept virgin from human touch, so here you will feel like in the wild and you will be able to admire except the birds also the beauty of Jamaican nature.

The Streamer-Tailed Hummingbird , known as the Doctorbird is one of the most wonderful hummingbirds in the world. The male-bird has two scalloped black tail feathers. These fathers make a distinctive noise when the bird is flying. You will recognize this sound from a million.

Many other species can be admired and for describing them we will need many, many posts.

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

30 minutes away from MoBay there is a small and chic town named Anchovy. This place is home for the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, a paradise for birds.

This sanctuary represents for most of the people a place where birds from different species can be feed from their own hands. For instance, the Doctorbird is very familiar with people and usually comes down and perch on your finger.

Here you will be able to learn more about birds, their natural habitat, their customs, and their history. A visit here is like a walk in haven.

The Theme Vacation – Admire The Birds is for all ages from children to grandparents. The kids will be fascinating by all the colorful birds, while the adults will be able to understand better the flying species, learn from their simple life and spend more time with the Mother Nature. Do not miss such a vacation!

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