The Historical Background of Negril

As a recently discover, Negril represents one of the most wanted cities of Jamaica. With its natural charm it attracts thousands of tourists each year, being a crowded place but in the same time interesting, gorgeous, famous across the Globe, and relaxing.

The Historical Background of Negril tells us that this amazing city was born from a lighthouse which was guiding the ships around the Jamaican Wet Coast. The population those days was preponderantly composed mostly of land crabs. Even so the tourists were feeling attracted by Negril’s beauty. And guess where were them hosted? Well, the only accommodation for tourist available back then was the house Llandtrissant.

Different Periods in the History

In 1970s, the Hippies and Flower Children discovered Negril’s charm. They have started their laid-back lifestyle on Negril’s beaches, more precisely on the West End Coast hiding themselves beyond the cliffs.

After the Hippies Era in 1980s, the Luxury Era started. The city was also discovered by people with high level needs and lots of money. So, the locals smelled this opportunity of a better life for them and for tourists. This is how the period of luxury resorts and hotels.

Both period left a huge impact on Negril and transformed this great place into a nice and welcoming spot for an ideal vacation for any tourist.

Negril Nowadays

Nowadays Negril is a favorite spot on the Caribbean map of wanted places for vacation. Even the locals have gained their pride over the decades and emanate this to the tourists. Their welcoming way of being inherited from the hippies is attracting more and more tourists to the island.

The simple way of exploring Negril with only one long road running along the beach or the foreshore either by bike, motorcycle, or car, its unique shopping center, its luxury hotels and restaurants, its local tasty food and friendly people are just few points that are making tourists who spent a wonderful time here to come back each year with more and more willing to experience and grasp as much as possible from this city.

Negril’s beaches, Negril’s sunsets, Negril’ fame in the Caribbean make tourists saying when they here welcome to Jamaica at their arrival: “This is Jamaica? How come? We were thinking that we are coming to the Negril Island!”

Even if Negril is not an important piece in the Jamaica’s history, The Historical Background of Negril makes is one of the most welcoming place in the Caribbean and this is mostly due to the hippies influences.

Just one more thing that has to be remembered here: Do not forget whenever you will visit this wonderful Jamaican spot that here you will feel like a truly Jamaican.

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