The best nightclubs in Kingston

There’s no question that the Caribbean is a hugely popular tourist destination, and even among all those luscious Caribbean islands Jamaica manages to be in the top. But as popular as Jamaica is, Kingston, the capital, is not the kind of place people flock to. Quiet travelers who are not up for any adventures avoid Kingston because of its infamous crowds, slums, crime rate and traffic – thus maintaining the image that Jamaica’s largest city is best avoided. But if you like a challenge and are eager to see the best in everything, you will not be disappointed in Kingston, and you’ll soon see that there is much to be appreciated in this vibrant city. And since no holiday in Jamaica is complete without some partying, here are some of the best nightclubs in Kingston.

Asylum Nightclub

Kingston’s traffic is definitely not the stuff a driver’s dreams are made of, and it gets even worse in the immediate vicinity of Asylum Nightclub. Why? Because Asylum Nightclub is the most popular hangout in the city. If you want to party until the small hours of the morning, then Asylum is definitely the place for you. The music is loud and energetic, the bar is well stocked and the dancefloor always crowded.


If you have exclusive tastes in nightlife, then head to Quad, a multi-level club that is fast becoming the most sought-after nightlife spot in the city. One of the levels is a classy jazz cafe where you can unwind, there is a noisy and lively club on another level, and a very popular lounge on the last level. The cafe on the ground floor is a great place to hang out in the afternoon/evening, with live piano music and a great bar selection.

Bin26 Wine Bar

Those who are very particular about their beverages and like to enjoy the finer things in life will definitely want to spend at least one evening ion Bin26, the sophisticated wine bar in the courtyard of Devon House. If you want to take a break from all the rum running freely in Kingston, try the selection of wines from all over the world in Bin26. Cigars are also on the menu, and the very knowledgeable staff are more than happy to recommend the perfect wine-cigar combo.

Up on the Roof

This charming rooftop terrace perched over the bustle of New Kingston is the perfect place to start off an evening. The menu is filled with delicious snacks and light foods, and occasionally there will be live music to spice things up. The music is always good, though, and on Saturday nights you can stay late and sip cocktails.

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