The absolute best beaches in Jamaica

Doctor's Cave Beach, photo by Matt Howry

Jamaica is a stunningly diverse country with culture and history and world famous music, but most people who visit it (except for Bob Marley fans or coffee addicts), are drawn to this incredible Caribbean island by its beaches. Jamaican beaches are the cream of the crop when it comes to beaches in the Caribbean, which is by no means a mean feat. With a over a thousand kilometer of coastline, you can take your pick of famous Jamaican beaches, or wander the countryside on horseback or on foot to discover hidden coves and bays where you will have all that tbeauty for yourself. In any case, here are the absolute best beaches in Jamaica, for travelers in search of sun, sand and sea.

Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, Montego Bay

Montego Bay probably wouldn’t have become the amazingly popular destination that it is today if it weren’t for Doctor’s Cave Beach Club. This beach has been popular for more than a century, ever since tourists have begun to trickle into Jamaica, drawn by the crystal clean and very calm turquoise water, as well as the almost white sands. This beach is perfect for families with children who like swimming.

Seven Mile Beach, Negril

Seven Mile Beach, photo by Pete Markham

One would assume that a beach called Seven Mile is named so after its length, but the Seven Mile Beach in Negril is only four miles long. Which is sad, because three more miles of this incredibly lovely beach would have been even better. This beach is downright legendary, and it is long and wide enough to accommodate the hordes of tourists who come to sunbathe and swim.

Treasure Beach, South Coast

If you want the authentic Jamaica without any embellishments or concessions to tourism, then you should head to the remote and rather isolated Treasure beach, a collection of several coves and fishing villages that will offer you a paradise-like refuge from the noise and bustle of big cities. Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Calabash Bay and Great Pedro Bay are enough to satisfy anyone’ island fantasies, especially when you’re loungingo on a beach with only palm trees and the sound of waves as company.

Boston Bay Beach, Port Antonio

photo by dubdem sound system on Flickr

Surfers have probably already heard about the great waves at Boston Bay Beach, but even if you choose to stay on the stand or near the beach, you will not be disappointed. Boston Bay Beach is famous for its very white sand and its clear water, as well as the food stalls on the beach selling pork jerky, one of the most delicious treats for meat eaters in Jamaica.

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