The 5 best luxury hotels in Jamaica

photo by Sarah Ackerman

Jamaica with its down-to-earth cities filled with the magic of reggae, Rasta and surrounded by natural beauty are like a haven for free-thinking, adventurous backpackers who are capable of surviving on a shoesring as long as the scenery is nice. But if that’s not the kind of trip you are looking for, you can still have loads of fun in Jamaica. Those with money to spend, or just looking for a way to use their savings for a relaxing holiday will surely be interested in the 5 best luxury hotels in Jamaica. Kick back and forget about the worries of day to day life, while pampering yourself with delicious food and exclusive surroundings.

Jamaica Inn, Ocho Rios

For over 60 years, Jamaica Inn has been one of the premier resort destinations in Jamaica, especially if you are longing for a quiet stay in a stylish and small place where you can get away from the crowds. The hotel has less than fifty rooms, many of which have balconies overlooking the hotel’s private beach. The dining options are excellent. and the breakfast served on the terrace has become quite famous. Amenities include a gym, spa, a nearby golf course and tours for horseback riding and scuba diving.

Moon Dance Villas, Negril

photo by Sarah Ackerman

The six luxury villas in Negril are the perfect accommodation for families who want to spend their holiday enjoying some time off, or for couples who want a romantic getaway. The villas have between one and five rooms, and the same amenities like a luxury resort. There are four pools for guests, beautiful gardens, and a jacuzzi in every villa.

Golden Eye Hotel, Oracabessa

This luxurious hotel on the coast of northern Jamaica, near the small village of Oracabessa, is close to the villa where Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond books, and the name of the hotel is a reference to the famous spy.  The Fleming villa is now part of the hotel estate, and you can even choose to stay there! The hotel offers unmatched service, but the highlights of the resort are the secret coves, private beaches and tropical forests.

Half Moon Royal Villas, Montego Bay

photo by Sarah Ackerman

If you;re traveling in a group, whether with family or friends, Half Moon Villas is the perfect luxurious getaway. If you don’t like being tied down by rules, you’ll love Half Moon Villas, where your every whim can be made reality thanks to a personal butler, housekeeper and cook. The villas have five, six or seven bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms, and let’s not forget the private swimming pools, gym, spa and the private beach.

Ritz Carlton Rose Hall, Montego Bay

Ritz Carlton hotels have a long tradition of excellent in many parts of the world, and the hotel in Montego Bay is no different. The private beach is idyllic to say the least – white and sandy, with mountains as a backdrop, while the rooms are the very definition of luxury. The resort has five restaurant, a world class golf course, and many other amenities.

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