Sights in Montego Bay

photo by Sarah_Ackerman on Flickr

Montego Bay is one of the undisputed stars of the Jamaican tourist scene, and for many people one of the first places where they end up staying (and visiting) while in Jamaica. MoBay is the second largest city in Jamaica after the capital, Kingston, and since it is close to Sangster International Airport it receives most international flights and tourists. Montego Bay is not a quiet, sleepy place where you can doze on the beach without seeing another soul, but it is the heart of Jamaican tourism where every traveler can find something to their liking. The most famous beaches in Jamaica are in Montego Bay, the shopping is fabulous and there is probably more fine dining here than anywhere else on the island. But in addition to this, there are many sights in Montego Bay that will definitely appeal to tourists.

Greenwood Great House

Some of the best sights in Jamaica are the beautiful old mansions that are part of the island’s colonial heritage. Greenwood Great House is one of the finest examples of this, and many people consider it more interesting than other great houses because it is less restored and can give you a better idea of what it used to look like in the past. One of the highlights of the house is the extensive library of the Barrett family, which includes books that date back to the 17th century.

Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall, photo by Sarah_Ackerman

Rose Hall Great House is one of the most famous great houses in Jamaica, which inspired books and movies, and is surrounded by legends of the most gruesome kind. Although the house has a lot of appeal for those who are strictly interested in it from a historical point of view, those who like ghost stories will enjoy it even more. The lady of the house, Annie Palmer, was thought to be a voodoo priestess and her ghost is supposedly haunting the house even now.

 Dead End Beach

Beaches in Montego Bay can be very crowded, especially at peak season. So what do the locals do when they want to escape the hordes of tourists? They go to Dead End Beach, a narrow little beach with no facilities whatsoever, which is just as well because it is a spot of quiet in normally bustling Montego Bay. Go to the beach at sunset when the view is absolutely gorgeous.

Museum of St James

photo by Sarah_Ackerman on Flickr

The Museum of St James documents the history of the parish since before Jamaica was occupied by Europeans, and it serves as a great introduction to the culture of the Arawaks and the early days of Jamaica. This museum in the Civic Center might be small, but it is very informative nonetheless.

Barnett Estate

A large part of the sprawling sugar plantations that surrounded Montego Bay were part of the Barnett Estate, owned in the past by some of the most prominent families in Jamaica, the Kerr-Jarretts, who manage the estate even now that it is a national trust property. You can take a guided horseback tour of this beautiful estate, one of the best sights in Montego Bay.

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