Shopping in Negril

Negril is not only a place where you can relax on the beach or you can enjoy a traditional Jamaican cuisine. Negril is also about shopping. Shopping in Negril will offer you the inside tips so that this experience to be a huge success for you and find exactly the desired presents and things to take home. All this objects should give you the feeling that even if you are not in Negril anymore you have only to close your eyes and all the nice memories will bring you once again in the Paradise named Negril.

Craft Markets

A very good place for buying hand crafted items, such as jewelry, clothing, wall hangings, mugs, cans is the market near the Breezes Grand Negril resort. But, bare in mind that here the vendors will charge you more just because you are a tourist, so it would be a good idea to start bargaining not only in this spot but in most of the local markets.  Souvenirs you will be able to find also on the small shops near the beaches, but the price is higher for sure.

And of course that in Negril center you will find a huge craft market which brings together the original Jamaican crafters who are selling paintings, carvings, jewelry, bags, and cloths created from natural cotton. And a good tip to be kept on mind especially if you are looking for big quantities: Friday is the sale day.

What Else To Shop

If you do not like to bargain than the Times Square Mall located on Norman Manley Boulevard is the perfect place from where to buy what you need. Here you will pay exactly the price what you can see, not more or less. From here you will get t-shirts with Jamaican flag, Bob Marley, the marihuana leaf, Blue Mountain Coffee packed in a traditional way, key chains, Rum, and many other interesting things.

On the One Love Drive you will find many shops selling whatever can cross your mind from quality souvenirs to duty free goods. On this amazing street you will find local Jamaican producers and by buying from them you support the local economy. After you are done shopping you can eat at one of the traditional restaurants.

Maybe you are a coffee lover. In this case the Easy Rock Internet Café gives you the chance to first taste a good coffee and after that to buy it in case you fall in love with its taste. Some other nice things to buy as presents are the postcards and the stamps of course. You can even send them from Negril. This is the most wonderful present.

Shopping in Negril will offer you a colorful experience and you will understand better our traditions and colors. Fell free to approach the vendors whenever you are interested to find out more about their job and their life.

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