Shopping in Montego Bay

Montego Bay is famous for its cosmopolitan face look. This label attributed to MoBay was a great opportunity for investors who have turned this place into one of the best places in the Caribbean for shopping. Shopping in Montego Bay means visiting the local art galleries, fashion boutiques, home decor shops, bookstores designed with a specific Jamaican glamour. You will be delighted by the atmosphere in these shops and I am sure you will have the idea to create a similar one in your city when you are going back home.



Souvenirs Shop

Shops named Smile Jamaica, Tropical Treasures, Things Jamaican, Foxfire Gallery or Kitchen Shop are just few of the most wanted places by tourist for buying nice and traditional Jamaican presents for their families and friends.

These shops gained their reputation amongst visitors through their interesting names, fascinating merchandise, smile and helpful staff.

Especially the Smile Jamaica shop has an amazing influence on tourists’ mood. The connotation with Bob Marley song “Smile Jamaica” is huge. The song and the shop will make you smile for sure like the lyrics suggest:  You’re in Jamaica: C’mon and smile! / (In Jamaica, y’all) Get it together, y’all! / (In Jamaica) Get it together, now!/ In Jamaica, y’all.

Appreciated gifts are the spices, the key chains, Bob Marley’s T-shirts, caps with Jamaican flag, wood carvings, coffee mugs, beaded jewelry, samples or local rum, Cohiba Cuban cigars or other small items due to the weight restrictions on the airlines.


Being for your first time in Jamaica you should be aware of the fact that the tourists are harassed by local hustlers who knows how to get money from naive tourists. So, in case some ask you if you are in Jamaica for the first time just let them know that this is your second or third time here and you can handle it on your own. They are aware of the fact that second time tourists are not easy to be cheat. They are looking for fresh tourists who do not know all these customs.

Most probably you will be asked by these people if you want some private tours, illegal drugs, prostitutes (males and females) or any other unlawful service. Just be careful not to get into trouble. You do not want to ruin your perfect vacation with these sorts of unpleasant incidents.

Another important thing to be familiar with in order to avoid spending too much money on something that usual has a low price is: do not be afraid to bargain. Whatever you want to buy, just be prepared to offer a lower price. If the seller keeps going with his initial price you can walk away and be sure you will find the same product in the next shop. Most probably the seller will continue to bargain and in this way you can get a better value.

Shopping in Montego Bay does not refer only to souvenirs. The shopping centers or the local markets, but also the art galleries are just perfect places for you to visit and be sure that you will buy something from here. The variety of products is so huge and for every taste and age, detail that makes impossible to walk away with your empty hands.

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