Shopping in Kingston

Kingston, the famous city from UB40 song, the Jamaica’s capital, and a multinational city is not only about tourists, beaches, or beautiful places. Here you can find so many gorgeous things to take home with you.

Shopping in Kingston can be an amazing experience and a cultural one in the same time. From local producers you can find out about their job, their traditions, their life, Jamaican history and many other lovely stuffs. Kingston has a very nice commercial area with shops for each pocket. After few days spent on the beach and nights out you can relax through shopping. For sure you will find couple of things to take home with you.

Craft Markets             

Local producers are offering handicrafts such as embroidery, silk screening, woodcarvings, land-loomed fabrics, cans, mugs, wall deco, jewelry, and many others. You can find the crafts in almost any shop near the beaches or in the local markets, but the most important selling area of crafts is the Victoria Crafts Market. Most of the tourists are enjoying the short adventure of bargaining in this local market and talking to the crafters. But keep in mind that if you want to negotiate and get a better deal for the stuff which you are buying you should offer a fare price so that the drafter to be paid for his work and gain some extra money to sustain his family. For many Jamaican families producing and selling handicrafts is the only resource of money that they get.

Another good place for crafts is the Kingston Crafts Market located at the west end of the Harbour Street. All kinds of Jamaican crafts are available here: wood masks, wall decoration banners inscribed with many traditional Jamaican signs, stalls, shirts, spices pots made out of mahoe, and many others.

Where Else To Buy

The main shopping area in Kingston is on the King Street. The street is covered with arcades and you can find here a very nice spot to hind from the sun. But of course that where are the most crowded areas there are also many beggars, pimps, and street sellers who will offer you fake products at gold price.

The New Kingston Shopping Center offers a wide range of contemporary products. Here you will find clothes, jewelry, perfumes, shoes or whatever can cross your mind.

But of course that the list does not end here. There are so many other nice shops and shopping area that can give you a glance of our culture.

So you want to experience the Shopping in Kingston adventure. Well, you still have to bear in mind some tips. For instance some items are restricted: coral and turtle products. Even if you are able to find them to the vendors caring them back home can get you into trouble at the border check. Just be careful and not get into trouble.

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