Port Antonio nightlife

Sun sets in Port Antonio but the people in this lovely town are hardly heading towards their homes, they know that the fun part is just about to begin. Though Port Antonio nightlife is not as rich as in other major cities, it does not mean that it lacks entertainment opportunities, after all Jamaican people are known for their appetite for dancing, partying and experiencing life to the fullest.

Best restaurants in town

I must confess that for me a great night starts with serving a delicious dinner in one of the best restaurants in town. After all, you need a lot of energy during a party. Thus, tonight you are my guests in one of my favorite restaurants in Port AntonioMille Fleurs. If this is not your first time in Port Antonio, I am sure you agree with my option, this is an incredible place: serving dinner in a romantic and relaxing atmosphere (admiring the sunset and overlooking the Caribbean Sea) with irreproachable service and culinary delights. What more could you desire for one perfect night?  Try the chicken in June plum sauce or the grilled fish with spicy mango-shrimp sauce, it is absolutely mouthwatering… If you are a vegetarian you must not worry too much about your culinary preferences as you will discover in Port Antonio a fantastic vegetarian restaurant- Oliver‘s Vegetarian Restaurant.

Bars and clubs

After so many delicious plates, I guess it would be the perfect time to serve a Jamaican cocktail or a coffee. Here are some of the most popular bars in Port Antonio: Tree Bar, San Bar, Baldi’s Bar & Grill. Just walk along the city center and experiment randomly, this is the best thing you can do in Port Antonio.  We are just warming up so no talking about going to sleep at this time. Our next objective: exploring further the Port Antonio nightlife and discovering the clubs in town. Reggae atmosphere dominates the clubs in Port Antonio. Reggae is more than just a music style it represents a way of life for the Jamaicans. Totally different, Roof Club and La best night Club are the most popular and crowded dancing spots in Port Antonio. Roof Club looks more like a classical reggae bar where one can dance (reggae and soca music) and release his inhibitions while La best night Club is a bit more modern and updated. The owners invested in many facilities updating it constantly. The styles of music played here are much wide than in Roof Club: from reggae to soul, R&B, funk and from time to time the club hosts live music events.

These are only a few of the places worth discovering during your night adventure in Port Antonio. Even if you are not a fan of reggae music it could be an interesting experiment, one that will for sure enrich your musical culture.

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