One Week Tour in Jamaica

If you have only One Week Tour in Jamaica this means that you have to plan your every step carefully and keep in mind all the things that should not be missed.

Day 1-2: Reaching Jamaica and Enjoying Mo-Bay

When you book your flight make sure you reach Jamaica earlier in the morning so that you do not lose even a moment of great time on this beautiful island in Montego Bay, or Mo-Bay as the locals are used to call it. If you are a backpack traveler, you can easily find a guesthouse where to stay. The Jamaicans are really friendly and welcoming people and will do their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

In Montego Bay you should not miss The Dome, St James Parish Church, the Town House Restaurant, the Sam Sharpe Sqauer, the Cage, and the Fort Montego. Do not forget to go to the beach. Mo-Bay has one of the most popular beaches on the island where you can try the unique experience of scuba and PADI diving.

Day 3 & 4: Next destination: Negril

In day 3 wake up earlier in the morning, take the bus and go to Negril. The journey will be quite short, around 1-2 hours.

It is here where you can swim and relax on the Seven Mile Breach, or escape in the Royal Palm Reserve. Try out the cliff diving, take a picnic near the Mayfield Falls, listen some reggae music and spend the day in a small and cozy cottage.

Day 5: Enjoy the Black River

Black River is one of the miracles of Mother Nature. In the city bearing the same name you will find the first house on the island powered by electricity on 44 High Street.

Take advantage of Black River’s fauna and enjoy the river wonders, such as those 300+ American crocodiles or the bladder wort on top of the river eating small animals. If you have a strong passion for maritime fauna, you can get in touch with Mr Lloyd Lintonv, a specialist who will introduce you to the Black River’s mysteries.

Day 6 & 7: Final Destination: Kingston

Your last two days in paradise.

Kingston town, also the capital of Jamaica, has many things to offer to its guests. Enjoy at maximum the presents that the city brings to your attention, open your mind and all your senses and let the Jamaican experience surround you. Spanish Town Square, Devon House, Blue Mountain tour bike, Bob Marley Museum, restaurants, nightlife, people and all the Jamaican charm will try to change your mind and make you stay for more days.

Now it is up to you if One Week Tour in Jamaica will stick to this plan or you will extend it. Whatever your choice, I’m sure you will return home with wonderful memories.

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