Ocho Rios To Do List

Finally you reached Ocho Rios. And of course, you are very curious to find out all the things that you can do, explore, and live here.  Ocho Rios To Do List is all about your interests.

You can spend your time walking or biking on the mountains, riding a camel, swimming with the dolphins, exploring the Caribbean Sean beauties. Also you can leave the Jamaican cultural experience or you can be in Bob Marley’s shoes. And the list goes on without any issues.

Outdoor Activities

Blue Mountainswalking and biking tours are available also with the departure from Ocho Rios. You will explore the Jamaican countryside and enjoy the natural beauty of our amazing mountains. You should not worry about the difficulty of this excursion. Around 95% of the time you will not pedal.

You can ride a camel or you can explore a Jamaican plantation by taking a tractor. All these are possible at Prospect Plantation. Here you will see bananas, sugar cane, coffee, spices, and many other plants. I am sure that you will enjoy this experience as you will interact with simple Jamaican workers who can provide you meaningful information about their life. In this way you will understand better our culture, traditions, worries, joy.


Another interesting activity is riding a horse through the sea waves.  The Heritage Beach Tour Ride is offering you the opportunity of discovering the areas where the native population used to hunt or fishing for food.


Would you like to fly free in the sky as a bird? If so, try the canopy adventure and feel free like a bird. The harness, the guide, and the well trained people will be there for you to make you live one of the most experiences. During your fly you will see also theCaribbean Sea, the wonderful sceneries from the perspective of a bird’s eyes.

Out of the Ordinary Adventures

Do you love dolphins? Do you find these creatures very beautiful and smart? Well, in Ocho Rios you will get the chance to be very close to the dolphins, to swim with them, to touch them, to kiss them, to fell protected by them, as dolphins are known to be very protective with humans.

And another great adventure that you can experience in Ocho Rios is theWhite Rivervalley tubing. The scenery will drive you crazy by passing through bamboo groves, coconut plantations, the people living near the river, the birds, and the lagoons.

Ocho Rios To Do List comprises the most wanted and interesting activities that can be done here, but be aware as this experience do not stop here. Enjoy it at maximum!


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