Negril To Do List

Richard Hershman, the owner of Rick’s Café in Negril, once upon a time said: “Your body has suddenly arrived where your mind has always been”.  After your first visit here you will understand better this thought.  You will feel restless, not able to find your place and still relaxed, always  keen to come back to Negril on your next vacation.

Negril’s charms lies in its unique turquoise water, black cliffs, natural beauty, peace, relaxation, its casual, but at the same time dramatic allure. Negril To Do List includes a wide variety of activities and of course the fabulous sunsets with the amazing reflection of the sun in the azure water.

Negril’s Nature Spots

Negril’s beauties were discovered in the first place by the “Hippies and Flower Children” in the 70’s.

The Royal Palme Reserve is a place where you can escape from the city agitation and find your relaxation and hear your thoughts in a peaceful place surrounded by more than 300 animal and bird species, and around 114 plant species with the unique Royal Palm. Here you can take a walk or you can meditate or you can just admire the crocodiles, the colorful butterflies or the giant palms. You can even plan for a Jamaican picnic.

The reserve is located near Negril on the way to Sheffield. By car it will not take you more than 10 minutes. It is open 7 days per week from9 amtill6 pm. Do not miss this location while you are travelling in Jamaica. It is a must!

MayfieldFalls is a marvelous place for extreme activities, such as: cliff jumping cave diving, scuba diving, but also more relaxing ones as picnicking, natural Jacuzzi bath, hiking or camping. Folk dances and Jamaican cooking courses are held by local people. After the Mayfield Falls experience you will learn the Jamaican way of feeling the rhythm, you will cook traditional dishes with different spices and herbs. In this way your vacation will gain a specific Jamaican flavor by mixing these traditional activities with the panoramic view of Jamaican beauties.

Interesting Activities

You can get your hair braiding while you are in Negril and feel the true Jamaican spirit. Jamaica has a long tradition in hair braiding and they carry it with pride.  You can choose to go to a salon for hair braiding or to walk near the beach and pick one of the offers for braiding. The second solution is cheaper and the ladies outside the resort have a long experience in braiding and will charge you around USD 15 – USD 20. However do not forget to bargain and you will get a better price.

Other attractions will be discussed in the next posts which will include adventure, festivals and events, beaches and where to go for a good snack or for dancing. So, Negril To Do List does not end here.

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