Negril Beaches

As all the Jamaican cities, Negril gained its charm also because of the great beaches and the azure water. Most popular Negril Beaches are the Seven Mile Beach, Long Bay Beach Park, Bloody Bay Beach, but many others.


Seven Mile Beach

The heaven on earth could be found on Seven Mile Beach, the most wanted spot on the Jamaican coast, and going further maybe even in the Caribbean.  This wonderful place was first loved by the hippies who found here a peaceful and relaxing sand and water. The hippie allure still dominates on this beach. Nice coral reefs, palm trees, bars, clubs, open-air restaurants, everything is near. You will find whatever crosses your mind.

Everything sounds so nice and delicious. The darker part of this wonderful beach includes the crowd, the harassment from different people who want to sell you different products from hair braiding to drugs. Also nudity is accepted here, so if you have kids this is not the best place where to take them to the beach.

Make sure that you will see the sunset from this beach. It is just amazing and you will gain a wonderful memory to take it with you for a time without an end.

Anancy Fun Park

The Anancy Fun Park combines fun, relaxation with sports and it was designed to satisfy the wishes of all people irrespective of their age. The kids will feel that they are in paradise with so many options to choose from: go-kart racetrack, train ride, fishing, miniature golf, carousel, and pedal boating. You can find this park on Norman Manley Boulevard and it is open daily. No entrance fee is required, but you will have to pay one by one all the activities you want to try out.

Other Beaches

Long Lay Beach Parkis considered to be one of the calmest beaches in Negril. You can run away from city agitation, hustlers, masseurs, vendors of all kinds, nude bodies, loud music, and get your interior peace on this amazing beach. Simple, alone, back to the nature are just few words which describe perfectly this place. Enjoy it at maximum!

The Bloody Bay Beaches shaped in a half-moon and it is famous for nude bathers. Do to this fact make sure that you keep all day long an eye on all your belongings. Or just to be on the safe part, do not take with you valuable things when going to the beach. Keep in mind that you can remain without them.

Hedonism II and Grand Lio are just two of the big resorts with the hottest and most extravagant private nude beaches. Do not worry, you will have privacy here and no photograph cameras are allowed inside. You can drink some freeze cocktails at the nude bar, or you can swim in the nude pool. Plenty or nude activities are available here.

Negril Beaches offer to their visitors’ nice memories and pictures to be taken home and hanged on the walls. Do not forget to come back here for another exciting experience.

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