Most Popular Attractions in Jamaica

the National Flag of Jamaica

Most Popular attractions in Jamaica will help you better understand some of the particularities of this amazing country famous for being the most wanted destination for tourists looking for adventure, beaches, reggae music, rasta and interesting cuisine and traditions, all in just one package.

A Glance on Jamaican History

This wonderful island has been one of Christopher Columbus discoveries from 1494. When Columbus reached Jamaica he made acquaintance with the native population, called the Taino Indians. Although Jamaica was their home for centuries, the local population was soon annihilated by the colonizers who replaced it with the African slaves. Even more in 1655, English people occupied the island and transformed it into a huge provider of cacao, sugar and coffee for the European countries.

Jamaica became then a part of the Federation of the West Indies between 1958 and 1962 and gained the independence only after giving up to being a member.

After the 1970s, due to worsening economic conditions, Jamaica struggled with an increase in the number of crimes, thefts, drug cartels and poverty, which unfortunately can still be felt.

Nowadays, even if the situation is not very pink, many rural and urban areas are quite safe either for tourists or for local people.

A Glance on Jamaican Geography

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba. It is famous for being the biggest island in the Caribbean, bragging itself with an English-speaking population. This exotic country is quite small; it can be easily compared to the size of the Connecticut state (US) or with Lebanon.

The administrative division of Jamaica comprises three important counties: Comwall, Surrey, and Middlesex. The capital of Jamaica is Kingston, the largest city of this country. The capital also represents one of the 14 parishes, which are subdivisions of the three counties.

Once arrived in Jamaica you will come across mainly a mountainous scenery, but also valleys and plains. Blue Mountain Peak is the highest point, reaching 2256 meters above the sea, while the plains Vere, Saint Jago, Liguanea, George’s and Pedro will impress you with their beauty.

Other important thing to keep in mind is that the annual average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. The best time to travel in Jamaica is undoubtedly the summer season starting May until September when the weather is just perfect to enjoy the wonderful Jamaican beaches. Still, May and October are known as the rainiest months and my suggestion would be to avoid travelling then. Other important aspects are the hurricanes, which can be arising between June and November, but such phenomenon is quite rare so do not worry too much about such aspects.

Most Popular attractions in Jamaica is only a short and very general presentation of a complex and wonderful culture.  Just keep an eye on the future articles and you won’t regret it!

Most Popular attractions in Jamaica

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