Montego Bay to Do List

A cosmopolitan city like MoBay will offer you a wide variety of activities and things to do. Montego Bay to Do List includes sightseeing and tours to take while you will be spending a wonderful vacation.

On your list there should definitely be the Canopy Tour, the Bob Marley experience on MoBay, Jungle River tubing safari, a jeep safari adventure or even a Black River exploration. Other good choices are the dune buggy experience, John’s Hall tour.



MoBay Adventures

The Canopy Tour is one of the most popular adventures in MoBAy. This expedition will give you the chance to swing between the trees while riding a zip line exactly like Tarzan. The tour will continue also over the Great River and a 150 year old dam. This activity is designed in a very cleaver way. In order not to get too tired you will mix the swinging with walks in the nature from one zip line finishing point to another one. The price for this experience is around USD 80 and the guides will pick you up from your hotel.

The Jungle River Tubing Safari combines the sun light with the water cooler and of course with the adrenaline. The inner tube adventure will commence with a peaceful float and nice scenarios. Do not panic. The safari route is not dangerous at all and you will feel the desire to leave this great experience over and over again. The price for this expedition is around USD 56.



Do you enjoy the jeep tours? In this case the best option for you is the Jeep Safari Adventure. This off-road tour will give the opportunity to explore and discover the hidden beauty and history of an amazing island. Waterfalls, birds, species of tree will captivate your view and make you feel as part of the nature. And the costs for such an adventure are USD 72.

Other MoBay Things to Do

Jamaica’s Spirit of Reggae or the Bob Marley Experience is another great trip that you have to take. This trip will bring you to the village where Bob Marley made his first steps, where he started to play, where he got in love for the first time: the Nine Mille. During those 7 hours you will learn more about the Rastafarian religion, about his live and you will get the possibility to see his final resting place. Do not miss this excursion if you like to dance on reggae rhythms.

The John’s Hall adventure will capture in you the free Jamaican spirit through its true native existence. In the countryside you will come closer to the people and their life styles and understand better their values and mottoes of living.

Montego Bay to Do List is far away to end here, but these are let’s say some of the most important and interesting things to visit and live here. You should definitely continue this list by adding whatever adventure you will try out on Jamaica.

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