Montego Bay City

Montego Bay City or MoBay as locals are calling it is the second largest Jamaican city and the capital of the Parish of St. James, but also the Jamaican capital of tourism. In the last years the city boosted in accommodation services, transport facilities, shopping centers, night life opportunities and many other things that can cross your mind.

MoBay is a cosmopolitan town with people around the whole world and an amalgam of traditions and cultures. Here you can experience true Jamaican traditions, but also Spanish, African, British cultures and customs. Choose whatever makes you feel comfortable.

MoBay Short History

The name of the city is believed to root from the Spanish word “Manteca Bahía” which means “Bay of Lard”. During the Spanish dynasty 1511-1655, MoBay was the port were lard, beef, and leather were exported.

But its history starts before the Spanish conquistadores. The first European who sailed in the area and visited the city was Christopher Columbus in 1494 when encountered the native population, Taino Indians. He gave the city the name “El Golfo the Buen Tiempo” (Fair Weather Gulf).

An interesting historical fact to be remembered is that Montego Bay was never invaded by pirates and they did not stand for a huge threat.

MoBay Interesting Facts

Bobby Bloom, in 1970 was singing about Montego Bay in his song with the same name: “[…] I lay on the lilo 3 till I’m lobster-red,/ I still feel the motion here at home in bed/ I tell you it’s hard for me to stay away,/ You ain’t been, till you been high, Montego Bay.[…]”. This song was in Top 10 Hits on 1970 on both sides of Atlantic and also was number 3 on the UK Singles Chart, number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, and number 7 on the Australian Go-Set Singles Chart. The song was co-written with and produced by Jeff Barry.

In and closer to Montego Bay were filmed a couple of scenes in 1973 from James Bond’s movie “Live and Let Die”. The larger regional hospital, Cornwall Regional Hospital, is here. 

The town architecture is a mix of wooden houses designed in the last-century with modern buildings. If you are wondering how these elements can go together, you will notice that the Georgian style is never out of fashion.

Montego Bay City’s charm lives in peoples’ smile and happy eyes, beaches wonderful panorama and activities, its crowded streets, its heritage and also the cosmopolitan look and feel.

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