Mandeville to Do List

So far we have been discussing and presenting only the beach cities of our island. Well, as you already know we have also some great mountains and couple of wonderful small towns had found their places here.

Mandeville is not a very touristic location and most of its visitors are not regular tourists. People who are enjoying spending some time in Mandeville are those who like the mountains, the fresh air and the cool weather during summer, climbing the mountains, going by bike, exploring the local culture and traditions, and so on. Mandeville to Do List will give you an idea about what to expect in case you are planning to visit this great spot.

Taking a Short Tour

 Mandeville is not only about great attractions, buildings, or beaches. Mandeville is great if you are analyzing it as an entire body not only by pieces.

The central point of the city is the Cecil Carlton Park.  Everything is build around this focal point. If you take a walk on the northern side of the park, at the end you will see the Courthouse. The story of this nice cut-lime stones building begins in 1816. The construction of this building and of the Rectory, an adjacent structure was finished in 1820.

On the opposite side of the park you will see the Saint Mark’s Church a historical building erected around year 1820. Its yard holds graves of the brave Jamaican and British solders showing once again the mixing culture that this country brought together alongside its history.

The Most Notable Attractions

Mandeville is well known for its tranquility, calm, relaxation amongst the tourists. Besides all these great things, we cannot say that Mandeville has many attractions. The city is dominated mostly by residential buildings with a nice architecture.

So, the Mandeville to Do List attractions include the Manchester Country Club, the Mrs. Stephenson’s Garden, the Mandeville Hotel, the Jamaican Standard Products Company, and the list can go on.

The Mrs. Stephenson’s Garden is one of the most wonderful private and public gardens on the island. This garden won and still wins many prizes at the Annual Horticultural Show.  You will be feeling here as in the middle of a paradise surrounded by nice flowers and trees.

The Manchester Country Club has a very long tradition with more than 100 years holding on its shoulders. The club offers also tennis and squash courts, not only golf.

As seen so far Mandeville is a perfect destination for all those who are not into noise and agitating vacation. You will find a very relaxing atmosphere here and I can guarantee that after one week spent in Mandeville you will feel 100% calm. Enjoy this magnificent experience and take some peaceful moments with you at home.

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