Kingston Beaches

You are planning a nice, relaxing and at the same time exploratory and adventurous vacation on this amazing country called Jamaica, then Kingston Beaches are waiting for you. Kingston city is a must on your bucket list, but for sure you are not coming to Kingston only for swimming and tanning. Still, you can spend two, three days on the beach for relaxation after a night out on the most wanted Jamaican clubs.

Kingston Beaches has on the South-West part white-black sanded beaches: Hellshire Beach, Gunboat Beach, and Fort Clarence. These beaches are very popular amongst the Jamaicans coming here to spend their weekends in a peaceful and relaxing way. Still, we will be able to change your clothes in special rooms, you will feel secure and for sure you are not going to starve as you will find plenty of food stands.

Hellshire Beach

A nice beach with all the needed facilities for free is the Hellshire Beach. This beach is part of the Jamaican National Heritage sites and can entertain your eyes with many corral reefs or the most magnificent and colorful iguanas in the world. You can see them with the help of the local boats. This is one of the best options to explore the beauties mainly because the locals know very well the area and the most attractive landscapes. As a tip, do not try to catch or touch the iguanas as they are protected firstly by the Jamaican laws, but also by the locals who are very proud of this specie.

From here you can buy some fresh fish and ask the cooker from your guest house to cook the fish in a traditional Jamaican way or you ca pick up cooked fish from the food stands near the beach and devour them under the almond trees. Many fishermen are selling salt water fish in this area to restaurants owners. The quality and freshness of this great fish makes the food taste absolutely delicious.

Fort Clarence

The Fort Clarence beach is only few hours’ drive away from Kingston and it is the first beach available for the Kingston and Portmore residents. The beach was named after the fort that protected the Kingston Harbour against any potential attackers.

This place is well known for its great Dancehall and Reggae concerts. For sure you will feel like a Jamaican surrounded by our wonderful music and by local people who will be more than grateful to make you feel part of their joy. You can approach them whenever you feel like asking something out of curiosity or you need some help to buy or find a precise thing.

Other Beaches

Naggo Head and Lime Clay and some other options for your Kingston Beaches experience.

Lime Clay is the closest beach to the Kingston Harbor. Actually is a small island and it is just perfect for a romantic picnic. You can reach this island by boat and you can ask at Morgan’s Harbor Hotel for a ride.

And a beach day should end with a great sunset. Enjoy it and you will feel wonderful!

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