Jamaican Dancing Rhythm

As all the Jamaican culture roots, the Jamaican dance has its beginnings in the era of the Taino Indians. The spiritual rituals held by the native population are the base of the nowadays Jamaican culture. During their veneration rituals the music, the Zemi sculptures and paintings, the dances, and also the incantations were part of the ceremonies conducted for deities’ adoration. Jamaican Dancing Rhythm was part of all Jamaicans’ daily activities and was bringing joy and happiness to their simple life.

But the tradition is survived the time as we continue to dance only for the pleasure that dance brings into our lives.

Gems of Jamaican Dance

Jamaican dance is one of those experiences that all the people around the world have to try it at least once in a life time.  Maybe you are asking yourself, why? Well the answer is not very easy to be decoded into words, but the main idea behind this experience holds in the great feeling that transposes you into another world full of pleasure, delight, cheerfulness and optimism.

You guessed it!  Right after the British colonized the island and brought the African slaves with them, the influences of the European and African dances changed the rhythms from the traditional jonkonnu steps to bruckins, ska and later to dance hall. But the varieties of traditional Jamaican dances do not stop here.

The most prominent Jamaican Dancing Rhythm is still the dance hall. Dance hall was born in Kingston from people’s joy at the end of World War II. But the style suffered different influences from the popular music to ragga.

While the dance hall was inspiring people to a better life, the dance hall music was criticized around the world as having violent or homophobic lyrics even if the music was trying to transmit deeper feelings or situations.

The instruments used in the early dance hall were drums, bass guitar, guitar, and electronic organ, while the modern version brings together the drum machines, samplers, synthesizers, and also the electronic organs.

Dance and Relax

Couple of clubs where we enjoy dancing are The Jungle and Scruba Dub in Negril, Moods in Montego Bay, Margaritaville or the Ville as we are calling it can be found in Negril, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios, while in Kingston we enjoy to party hard in Quad.

As a must while travelling to Jamaica you have to attend a show held by the students of Edna Manley School of Dance or National Dance Theater Company. These two schools of art are examples of organizations which are trying to keep alive the wonderful spirit of the Jamaican dance.

And the greatest dance hall international contest is the International Dance hall Queen. This contest is attended by women all around the globe and it is a real honor to be crowned as the Queen of Dance hall. In 2010, the International Dancehall Queen was Ms Kristal Anderson, a Jamaican young woman of only 23 years old.

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