Jamaican Cities


Yes, you came in the right place where you will spend a peaceful vacation and also listen to good music, dance on the hot reggae rhythms and live an intensive life night. If you are a dynamic person who wants to feel the real spirit of the city you can pick up a town from below and you can start experiencing everything that cross your mind.

Jamaican Cities will give you an idea about our metropolis and their many attractions. So, let’s start and explore the biggest Jamaican cities.

Top 10 Jamaican Cities

The most crowded cities in the country are:

  1. Kingston – approx. 937,700 people
  2. New Kingston – approx 583,958 people
  3. Spanish Town – approx 145,018 people
  4. Portmore – approx 102,861 people
  5. Montego Bay – approx 82,867 people
  6. Mandeville –  approx 47,115 people
  7. May Pen – approx 44,755 people
  8. Old Harbour – approx 26,024 people
  9. Linstead – approx 20,660 people
  10. Half Way Tree – approx 18,552 people

Know the Big Cities

Kingston is the Jamaican capital, the administrative, cultural and industrial hub of the island. It was founded in the 1690s as a result of a devastating earthquake which hit the pirate cartel. The next period was for Kingston a flourishing one as it turned into the island’s largest city. A very notable year in Kingston’s history is 1907 when the city was shocked by the most destructive earthquake. The damages were huge and hundreds of people died.

Nowadays, the metropolis bustles with people and agitation. Here you can dance and listen to the famous music all over the places or you can visit the place where Bob Marley was having the first recording of his songs, the Bob Marley Museum.

New Kingston is a fast growing commercial city. Companies’ offices are located here as well as big shopping center, offering a chance to experience the Jamaican culture and history. This city is famous for the all night parties from and the welcoming people. It is quite funny to notice in the morning people going to work and others just coming up from a club or a private party. You will enjoy at maximum the parties’ spirit and the people who would like to party all night long 7 days a week.

Next stop is in Spanish Town, the Jamaican capital between 1534 and 1872. This town is and was a notable observer of his own evolution starting with the Spanish and British invasion. Nowadays the town lost a lot of its past grandeur, but still has preserved an interesting architecture and a mix of three cultures: Jamaicans, British, and Spanish. To be sure that you would not miss anything you can join the daily tour held by local people. The meeting point is the Spanish Town Methodist Church, White Church Street.

Keep in mind that every Jamaican City is worth visiting for a variety of experiences from the point of view of the culture, history, fun, and a gram of local life. Do the best of your vacation and grab as much as you can from their life style, believes and faiths.

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