Jamaica for Budget Travelers

Since you are already reading this article this means that you have in mind to visit this amazing country that we simply call Jamaica. So, I will give you some small tips about how you can explore every aspect of this wonderful island. Jamaica for Budget Travelers will give you a slight idea about when to go, where to stay, where to eat, and what to do.

The Best Time to Visit

There is no one that can describe the Jamaican exotic and unique weather better than H.D. Carberry in his poem “Nature”:

“We have neither Summer nor Winter

Neither Autumn nor Spring.

We have instead the days

When the gold sun shines on the lush green canefields-


You can visit the island whenever your heart desires as it is hard to believe that you won’t feel comfortable with the annual average temperatures of 27-30 Celsius degrees. However, unexpectedly in summer (mid April-mid December) the resorts drop their prices with 20-50% because of the low number of tourists coming to the island. So, if you are travelling on a strict budget and wish for a peaceful holiday do not forget about this aspect.

Where to Stay

In Jamaica you have different accommodation options. You can choose an all-inclusive resort, but this means that you will have to spend around USD 300 per day. And even if you find something not that expensive, the probability to pay less than USD 80 for one room is very low. It is not for everybody’s pocket, but cheaper solutions can also be found, at guesthouses or inns owned by local people. Please do keep in mind that you should always negotiate the price and also check the room carefully before renting the room.

Where to Eat

You can always grab a snack at a local restaurant for only USD 10, but if you wish to dine at a luxury restaurant, do expect to pay more than USD 30. Anyways, your daily budget for buying food should be at least USD 35. In Jamaica you can find offers which include accommodation and meals at a really nice price.

What Can You Do

As an all-inclusive traveler you do not have to be worried regarding your budget for different outdoor or even indoor activities, because most of the usual ones are already included in your touristic package.

But, if you are an adventurer you should definitely have a budget for all these. Keep in mind the museum entry fees, clubs, dancing shows, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many others. The offer is very large.

Tips are also more than welcome and people will appreciate this gesture.

Jamaica for Budget Travelers is a dream that can become true even if your budget is kind of restrictive. Just review your options!

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