Having fun in Port Antonio (II)

We continue our journey in Jamaica and we continue presenting other possibilities of having fun in Port Antonio. If you are an adventurous spirit then I am sure you will appreciate my suggestions in this next post. Prepare to know Port Antonio and the undiscovered paradise ofJamaica and even to get wet a little bit.

Explore the exotic nature of Port Antonio

The charm of Port Antonio lays in its true and everlasting beauty- the exotic nature. Get all the necessary information on how to choose the perfect hiking track and discover as much as you can of Blue Mountains. It is absolutely breathtaking! In the east side of the island, you can experience the relaxing activity of bird watching. And you needn’t worry about not managing this on your own. Many tourism agencies introduced this hobby in their vacation packages. Another great way of spending your time in Port Antonio is going to the gorgeous Reach Falls. This is definitely a life time experience. The place became really popular since a scene of Cocktail movie (starring Tom Cruise) was filmed here.  Therefore, you definitely cannot miss this natural wonder. Maybe you do not know this but the famous actor Errol Flynn was absolutely fascinated with Port Antonio. He loved it so much that he bought an island where he invited many of his friends, known and appreciated actors .In the present time, you have the possibility of visiting the Navy Island. The place is quit peaceful; you will find only a few cottages, a bar and a water sports operator. How can you get here? Well, every day a ferry leaves fromWestStreetHarbor so you had better get information on the timetable.

Practicing water sports

If you are a fan of water sports then you have made the perfect choice as Port Antonio fulfills all the necessary criteria for practicing scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing or snorkeling. The best locations for practicing scuba diving are Alligator Head, Alligator West, Fairy Hill or Bluehole. If you do not have the knowledge for practicing this water sport, you mustn’t worry, you can learn. It is easy, it is fun and the coaches are super nice. Most of the scuba diving centers provide also the equipments you might need, so no worries, just enjoy and have fun!

I am sure you are convinced by now that Port Antonio is an exotic destination that should be taken into consideration if you wish to have a special holiday. Having fun in Port Antonio presents only a few of the most known activities a tourist can have during a seven days vacation, the list is of course opened and waiting to be completed with other suggestions.More details on this subject you can find on http://www.jamaicans.com/destinations/portantonio/portantonioDoSee.shtml

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