Having fun in Port Antonio (I)

If you are considering of starting a trip to this unique and splendid place of Port Antonio you must make a list of the things you would like to do here. As you will see, having fun in Port Antonio is absolutely easy since the entertainment opportunities are so vast. Whether you are visiting Port Antonio with your friends or with your family, the travel packages include practicing water sports, climbing the Blue Mountains and discovering the wild and exotic vegetation of the area, meaning enjoying your time here to the fullest.

Nothing is as blue as the Blue Lagoon

I remember the first time I saw Blue Lagoon. I thought nothing in the world is as beautiful and peaceful as this 200 feet deep lake. If you remember the Blue Lagoon movie starring Brooke Shields I am sure you can recall the azure blue of this natural place that fascinated everybody. It is worth seeing it o even swim in it but make sure you are careful to the locals who offer boat rides at outrageous prices trying to rip you off.

Athenry Garden and nonesuch Caves

9 miles from Port Antonio you will discover one of Port Antonio’s greatest prides. The beautiful gardens of Athenry spread over three acre create the perfect atmosphere for spending a great afternoon. The view is absolutely gorgeous as you can admire the entire island and the Caribbean Sea and get to know the abundance of plants that populate the garden. Inside Athenry Garnes we find Nonsuch Caves, a coral and limestone formation, representing a priceless treasure for the geological history of Port Antonio. You can find remains of the Arawaks that occupied the territory before Columbus arrived. The speleologists estimate the cave to be one and one and a half million years. In the 14 chambers of the caves opened for the public, tourists explore different shapes of ancient stalagmites and stalactites, rare fossils and Indian relics.

Rafting Rio Grande

I am just crazy about extreme sports so you can imagine how much I enjoy rafting too. If you share my passion for these kinds of sports then I can guarantee you will feel in a perfect environment, near Rio Grande. Initially used for transporting bananas from the interior of the island, bamboo rafting is now quite popular among tourists. Some say that Errol Flynn made bamboo rafting popular especially among his foreign guests. If you are interested in trying your rafting skills on Rio Grande then more details you can find on http://www.explorejamaica.com.jm/rio-grande-rafting-jamaica.html.

This is only the first part of Having fun in Port Antonio. Thus, make sure you stay with us and get to know how wonderful and exciting Port Antonio can be.

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