Going Out in Ocho Rios

Well, you are in Ocho Rios, you accommodated yourself in your hotel or guest house, you found out  about couple of adventures that you should not miss, but of course that you have to eat somewhere and to dance or drink a glass of good wine.  The post Going Out in Ocho Rios will provide you all these things.

After reading the information comprised in this article you will know where to take dinner, where you can find the best music in town, where to drink the most wanted cocktails.

Dining Out

In Jamaica, you can eat whatever food you want: continental, American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and of course Jamaican. Depending on your preferences you have a long list from where to choose. I will give you some hints, but please keep in mind that it’s a petty to travel so far and not to taste our wonderful cuisine. Who knows? Maybe you will love it so much and you will also take some Jamaican cooking classes during your vacation.

The Bibibips Restaurant & Bar located on Main Streetis offering the best Jamaican food in town, or at least this is their vision. The atmosphere is awesome; the scenery is magnificent with the moon watching the people enjoying dinner; the cocktails and the food are making you feel the energy of the sea. The prices are acceptable for every pocket.

And what about the authentic Italian cuisine? If you love the pizza, the”pasta con pesto alla Genovese” or the famous gelato, you have to pay a visit to the Toscanini’s Italian Restaurant.

A more intimate place where to dine is the Cardiff Hall Restaurant located in the Runaway Baywith a reach menu including traditional and international dishes. I am sure you will be fascinated by restaurant’s interior design.

And of course that the list can go on. Do not worry; you will be able to find good restaurants all over the places.


Amnesia Nightclub is one of the best places in town to party alongside Jamaicans, to feel the Jamaican rhythm and to learn the original dancehall steps from those who invented it. It is situated in the middle of Ocho Rios, easy to be reached from either hotel or guest house. All ladies can party for free on Thursday nights when the party theme is Girls Night Out. But be aware that this magic is holding tillmidnightas the Cinderella’s one.

Another good option is the Ocean’s 11. Here you can try the Dirty Banana and dance on Latin music or sing a famous song. Sometimes, during the day, a band is performing live and brings lots of joy and happiness.

Many other clubs and bars are waiting for their customers daily with a wide range of music and lots of fun.

Going Out in Ocho Rios is all about having fun, dancing, meeting lovely people and interacting with the Jamaican culture.

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