Going Out in Negril

It is said that from Jamaica you can truly see a part of all the other Caribbean islands if you travel far enough.  Plenty of stuff is waiting for you in Negril after the dark is taking place the sunny day. Going Out In Negril gives you some tips regarding where to eat, where to go for dance, where to drink a traditional cocktail, and all the things that you have to try out.

Dining Out

Either you prefer the European cuisine or you want to taste the Jamaican traditional food or maybe you just want to grab a burger and a cold drink, do not worry, Negril is offering you all these and many others.

Imagine this, the jazz music surrounding the entire beach combined with the waves’ sound washing the warm white sand and tasting our traditional Crab and Potato Canoe, Jerk Bamboo chicken, Ackee & Saltfish Crepe. As desert the Jamaican Fruit Medley is one of the best options here.  You can get all these and many other amazing dishes at Kuyaba restaurant. What is also special at Kuyaba is the music. Each evening brings other rhythms: Monday: Jazz, Tuesday: Jamaican Folk/Mento, Wednesday: Cello and Keyboard Instrumental, Thursday: Reggae/ Calypso, Friday: Mento/Reggae/ Calypso, Saturday: Jamaican Folk/Mento, Sunday: Mento/Reggae/Calypso. Here you can also take lunch or even breakfast.  It is open 7 days from 7 starting 7 am and closing 11 pm.

A legendary place is Rick’s Café: a bar & restaurant with many years behind. The history of this place begins in 1974. Rick’s Café has a wonderful view along the West End Cliffs. From here you see the most wonderful sunset ever. The beauty of the sun going to sleep behind the cliffs is unique.  This eatery is located on the West End Road and is offering to its customer a wide range of dishes at a reasonable price.  You can check out the prices here.

Norma’s Restaurant, Restaurant Le Vendome, Cosmos Seafood Restaurant, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Negril are just few other nice restaurants where you can serve very good food and drink magnificent cocktails.


The Jungle is the most wanted club in Negril. Its slogan “Unleash the Animal” is just perfect to describe the wild atmosphere. The ground floor has four bars and dance floors which rocks every evening on different rhythms depending on the party theme. In this wild you will be perfectly safe due to the high security. At the entrance you will see a major sign with NO PROSTITUTES OR GIGOLOS, NO DRUGS, NO SOLICITING, NO MISCONDUCT.

If you are taking a walk on the beach during night you will see many parties and in most of the cases you can join the people for dancing, drinking, joking, or just for a short conversation.

Going Out In Negril means going wild if you choose to spend the night in a club or just acquire some relaxation after a nice dinner in one of our restaurants.

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