Going out in Kingston


Here you are in Kingston and you do not waste any time. If you are wondering where you can spend the nights and what can Kingston town offer you, then Going out in Kingston will give you a brief idea about where to eat, drink, dance, and have the fun of your life.


Dinning Out

The Jamaican capital offers you have plenty of choices where you can enjoy some delicious dishes, either at luxurious restaurants or at cheap small family business bistros, with a wide variety from Asian cuisine to Jamaican receipts.

Do you love Thai cuisine?  In that case, one of the best options is the Orchid Room, in Devon House, 26 Hope Road.  Here a dinner will cost you around USD 30 to USD 45. The price is just for one person and you can try the pad Thai, the pepper steak or the satay.

A good Jamaican restaurant is the Grog Shoppe at the same address as the Thai place. The prices are a little bit cheaper: a dinner for one person will be around USD 25-30. You can try out the stuffed cho-cho, roast suckling pig, curried goat, ackee and saltfish, baked crab backs, curried chicken, or jerked chicken.

If you want to better understand the life of a Kingston people then you should go to Peppers, 31 Upper Waterloo Road, take a picnic table and order the jerk and the Red Stripe. Some other dishes include the garlic crab, grilled lobster, jerk chicken, jerk pork, and jerk fish. This is not a fancy restaurant is just a casual eatery where the workers like to come and spend some nice time here after working hours. However the atmosphere is priceless.

And of course if you are in vacation on an island the seafood should be on your menu. One option is El Dorado restaurant at Terra Nova Hotel on Waterloo Road. The prices are quite reasonable.

Dancing and Listening Music

After dinner you must be thinking about going to a club and dance or listen to some good music while drinking a Jamaica Rum Punch.

Quad is a nightclub where locals and tourists spend their time having lots of fun. The address is 20 – 22 no, Trinidad Terrace.

The club is spread on three levels with a jazz bar at the ground floor and two dancing floors. The first one is mainly playing Jamaican music while the second one is more into international music. Do not be shocked if the security will ask to go through a metal detector. It’s safer, even for you!

The entrance fees depend on the gender, but also on the day of the week. As expected, during weekend you will find more expensive prices.

Another nice club is Asylum, located on the Knutsford Boulevard. The club is opened six days a week and it has a night theme designed for every taste.

So, on Sunday you can join the party: Girls Gone Wild, while on Tuesday there is Ladies Night. The week parties are going on with Asylum Oldies Night on Wednesday, Dance Hall Night on Thursday, After Work Jam on Friday, and Party Night on Saturday.

Going out in Kingston during night can also include a walk on the beach or attending a concert near the sea. Just enjoy every moment!

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