Get Around Jamaica

Dreaming of getting to Jamaica? Nothing simpler. You can reach this beautiful island either by plane landing to Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston or to Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay or by ship reaching one of the many Jamaicans maritime ports. Once you have landed on this magical island and you have started exploring and living the Jamaican adventure on your own, you can start taking into consideration all the ways to Get around Jamaica.

You can explore the Jamaican 4,442 square miles by bus, tax, car or plane. You will find numerous opportunities to travel around the country and have a great time. The transportation in Jamaica is for every pocket and tastes. You can rent a luxurious car or taxi or travel on a low budget. Whatever you will choose the opportunities for fun and entertainment are endless and you will feel blessed that life gave you the chance to live the Jamaican experience.

Public Transportation

The Jamaican buses are available in every corner of this country and the routes are connecting all the cities. Traveling by bus is surprisingly cheap. Inner cities prices are less than 1 USD, while outer travels are around 2 USD per 50 mile voyage. Be ready to pay the exact amount for the ticked if you don’t want to risk not receiving any change back.



Rent a Car

The easiest way to travel in a country is definitely by car. However in Jamaica driving can be very interesting, dangerous and challenging all at the same time. Firstly, the Jamaicans are driving on the left side, but they are quite very flexible at breaking the rules. The road is shared by cars, long vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, cows, goats or whatever crosses your mind. In a nutshell: it’s crazy out there. All your previous knowledge and experience about driving will look hopeless at the beginning. But do not worry and be happy with the thought that after only a few days of driving you will get used to the new situation and you will become an experienced driver. Jamaicans have a saying: if a tourist is able to drive in Jamaica this means he’s able to drive all over the world, even in space.

The cars can be rented from major cities and towns, but couples of requirements have to be fulfilled by the potential client:

  • Age: at least 25 years
  • Carry a valid International Driver’s Licenses

The prices for rental cars vary by car type and by season. The costs per day are around 40 USD and go up to 100 USD. Also a deposit of 500 USD is required.


And imagine what? Jamaicans love their country to the moon and back and are eager to make all their visitors start nourishing exactly the same feelings for Jamaica. This is one of the reasons behind setting up the JUTA (Jamaica Union of Travelers Association). By Getting Around Jamaica with JUTA’s AC cars, buses, luxury vehicles, accompanied by friendly drivers you will start enjoying a personalized Jamaican experience which includes personal services and professional staff.

Start enjoying getting around the magnificent Jamaica!

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