Frequently Asked Questions about Jamaica

Those who are coming for the first time to Jamaica could experience a mixture of feelings, excitement but at the same time anxiety due to the unknown of the place. That is why I thought it is best to create a post specially dedicated to the most frequently asked questions about Jamaica. I hope the answers will be helpful to you and you will enjoy your vacation to the fullest without having anything to worry about.

1.     Are there any travel restrictions to Jamaica?

The issue of travel restriction is quite important due to the fact that this can actually cancel your entire holiday if you haven’t prepared the necessary papers in time. Citizens from US, Canada or Commonwealth of Nations need a valid passport for at least 6 months and usually if your stay is not longer than 6 months you will not be required a visa. However, citizens from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and even some European countries need a visa for entering Jamaica while the duration of the visit can be limited to 30 days for the Japanese and 90 days for the German citizens.

2.     Should I make vaccinations against certain diseases?

Due to the tropical climate of the country, there are some medical precautions you should take in order to avoid any health problems. Thus, it is recommended to have the following vaccinations up to date: hepatitis A and B, tetanus-diphtheria, measles-mumps-rubella, typhoid and yellow fever. Avoid drinking water from unsafe places and eat fruits or vegetables if not washed or peeled. Also one of the most frequent ailments is diarrhea, thus make sure you provide your food supplies and serve your meals in the most appropriate places. It is best to bring with you a couple of antibiotics required in such cases.

3.     What are the most interesting spots I should visit?

From its tropical nature to its underwater treasures, Jamaica is absolutely amazing and you will definitely find something to admire or to explore. Of course you should not miss visiting the major cities of Jamaica: Kingstone, Montego Bay or Mandeville. Admire the oldest architectural monuments in the Spanish Town dating from the 17th century and engage on an exciting trip to the Black River where you will for sure encounter at last one of the 300 crocodiles that populate the area. If you are into more relaxing activities then you should start the Appleton Estate Rum Tour where you will have the chance to see how the authentic Jamaican rum is made and even return home with a bottle of rum as a souvenir.

I hope I managed to cover some of the most frequently asked question about Jamaica so that you could avoid any unfortunate situation and enjoy as much as you can your time in this beautiful place. Keep in mind that the consulates and embassies also offer precious travel information that should be respected while visiting Jamaica

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